The primary night is the promise of the Democratic Party clash

Voters in all five states will go to the polls Tuesday for a much-anticipated showdown between the Democratic Party's Progressive and Establishment Wing.

The state has already closed voting in Kentucky, where Democratic voters are choosing between party favorites Amy McGrath and state representative. Charles Booker, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell Too Many Rank-and-File Democrats Or Opposing Opponents Only To Donald Trump.

McGrath, who was endorsed by the Senate Democrats' campaign division, appeared in a spectacular way last year's nomination. But Booker has been indicted of late, supporting national progress like Bernie Sanders and taking inspiration from racial injustice and police protests in his hometown of Louisville.

Other major primaries are in New York, where rebel liberals are being challenged two years after the victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez against a sitting member of Congress and nearly every Democratic member around New York City. No one is more embarrassed on Tuesday than 16-time Rep. Eliot Engel, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, facing teacher Jamal Bowman.

Engels is the only Democratic member facing the tough primary challenge: Representatives Tom Suzy, Gregory Meeks, White Clark, Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney also face non-cooperation opponents on Tuesday.

New York voting at 9pm Eastern Time. Despite at least half of the votes expected by mail, some close elections at the end of Tuesday night will not be resolved. Election officials will not be allowed to schedule absentee ballots until the week after Tuesday's primary.

In Kentucky - where the final result is not expected until next week - McGraw remains a favorite, but Booker has stiffened since late May. Booker has built up a broad coalition of endorsements: he has about two dozen aides in the state legislature and many other prominent Kentucky Democrats.

Many progressive organizations have been backed lately after gaining an edge in the race, which has come down to fundraising. McGrath does not have much support in the establishment of the state, but has the backing of the National Party and many senators, whom he considers most favorable to challenge McConnell.

McGrath, who showed off his fundraising performance during the 2018 House bid loss, was one of the party's best fundraisers this cycle, thanks in large part to the enthusiasm from small-dollar donors eager to get McConnell. He grossed over 41 million and defeated McConnell by a considerable margin in the race.

Some Democrats have been disappointed by his campaign launch last summer - he has backed Brett Kavanagh to the Supreme Court, only to reverse himself later in the day - and dropped out of the race altogether. The lack of support from state Democratic leaders has pushed him to a challenge.

McGrath's campaign gave him a comfortable lead in the final days of the internal voting race. But the state abolished its primary voting, and the heavy use of absentee voting, combined with Booker's late motion, has led many Democrats to accept a sense of uncertainty about the potential upset.

The Night Marquee House race is Engel's race against Bowman, the middle school principal.

Baumann approached Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) And took hundreds of thousands of dollars with the help of endorsement groups.

Bowman is seen by many in his own party against Engel, who was first elected in 1988, and is thin in the district as the coronavirus battles the pandemic.

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