The Rolling Stones have threatened to sue if Trump continues to use his music

President Trump is playing with fire.
According to Rolling Stone Magazine, the Rolling Stones threatened to sue the commander over his use of music at campaign rallies.

Trump, 74, recently wrote, "You always run exceptionally well in Tulsa on your last run, which you can always get if you want."

British rockers have complained that Trump has been playing his music since the 2016 presidential campaign, but his ceasefire orders have not stopped him. His team also played "Heart of Stone" at the 2017 opening.

Deadline reports that the Stones have been growing as the Stones haven't been getting what they want for four years. The band - frontman Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards - have teamed up with a writing company called BMI, which represents more than 1 million artists, and found that they were on Trump for violating a major license agreement. How can I sue?

"This is the last time Trump has used Jagger / Richards songs in his campaign," the group said in a statement Saturday to Rolling Stone. "If Donald Trump ignores the deportation and continues, he will face a lawsuit."

Many musicians, from the late Tom Petty family to T.I. For Neil Young, Trump has accused him of using his work and trying to stop him from doing so.

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