The Seattle mayor told Trump to go back to your bunker

The Seattle mayor told Donald Trump on Thursday that he would "go back to his bunker" after the president set up in a western American city where protesters in a non-police autonomous area threatened to intervene.

Referring to the "bunker", Trump was escorted to a safe haven by White House Secret Service agents who demonstrated against the racism and police brutality of George Floyd's death at the president's residence. Citing police.

Trump provoked this when he threatened to intervene in a neighborhood or Chaz in Seattle's "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone," which was accepted by protesters and the city's police department.

"Get your city back now. If you don't," Trump Mayor Jenny Durkan and Washington State Gov. Jay Insley - both Democrats - said in a tweet late Wednesday, calling the protesters a "domestic terrorist" in Seattle.

"This is not a game. These ugly anarchists (stupid people) should stop immediately. First," he continued in another tweet.

Mayor Jenny Durkan responded, "We urge Trump to keep us all safe. Return to your bunker," as well as join Inslee Trump's Twitter MacDrill.

"Someone who can't fully govern should stay away from the Washington State business. 'Stoop' tweeted," Inley wrote.

There have been protests nationwide since the death of unarmed black Floyd, who died in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25.

Seattle officials have denied reports that left-wing activists are behind the establishment of an autonomous region.

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