The Syrian army said that Israel had attacked several targets throughout the country

The Syrian army said it had responded to Israeli attacks on southern, central, and eastern Syria, and two soldiers were killed in what the military said was a wave of attacks targeting Iran.

Just hours after the missiles struck southern Syria near the border with Iraq and Jordan, Israeli jets struck an army outpost in the towns of Salamia and Sabura in Hama province, the military said late on Tuesday. And attacked other military bases in the Dir az Jor Province.

Earlier, an army statement said there had been several simultaneous attacks, one of which was a military base in Kajib, around the town of Sukhna, in the desert east of Dir az Jor and nearby.

The third attack killed a military establishment in the southern town of Salk had, near the city of Sweden. Two soldiers were killed and four wounded.

The bases are located in eastern and southern Syria, which have been attacked by Israel in recent months and are believed to have a strong presence of Iranian-backed militias.

A senior military guard in Syria and a regional intelligence source told Reuters that the bombings were repeatedly carried out at an Iranian arms depot near the town of Salama. Damaged.

The Israeli military declined to comment.

Regional intelligence sources say that Israel's attacks on Syria are part of a shadow war sanctioned by Washington and part of an anti-Iran policy aimed at provoking Iran's wider military presence over the past two years.

Israel has admitted that it has conducted a number of attacks inside Syria since the civil war began in 2011.

Israeli military officials have said that Israel is launching its campaign against Iran Syria in recent weeks, where Tehran has expanded its presence with the help of proxy militias.

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