The Terror of Elizabeth Hurley

At the start of the lockdown Elizabeth Hurley was "in a constant low level of panic".

The 55-year-old star admits she was struggling with her anxiety when the country went into lockdown after some incidents were "out of control".

He said: "It is difficult to simulate the feeling that events are out of my control. At the start of the lockdown I slept very badly and was upstairs to make the list at dawn. I was very scared and persistent.

In the midst of the current health crisis, Elizabeth did not enjoy being a "housewife" to the eight people living with her.

She shared: "I haven't had the opportunity to be a full-time 'homemaker' and now when I can do this, I know I don't want to. There are nine of us in the house from twelve weeks, three of which are particularly vulnerable, so staying safe and feeding is the key. Much more tired than that. "

The 'Royals' star is learning new cooking skills, but she admits she's "very frustrated" by doing all this.

Speaking to Times Magazine, "I live on bananas, canned tuna and rivetta, but leave it to my own devices. But we sit on family three times a day and eat for England. I'm cooking, I'm very bored. It is ugly. If the recipes are so juicy I can't 'rustle' or practice it. I can't deal with the use of gel or emulsion - I am more. Delia, Nigella and Mary Berry. "

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