The Trump campaign wants those who go to a rally for the COIVD-19 responsibility

(Bloomberg) - President Donald Trump's campaign is urging people to attend his campaign rally in Oklahoma next week, saying that if they sign Covid-19, they will move forward to reopen the country.

With the new rise in coronavirus cases, the state traveled to Texas on Thursday for two events and is ready to reopen the Houston Kovid-19 hospital, possibly at the football stadium.

The Online Ticket Form for potential participants of the Trump campaign rally at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on June 19, said: Donald J for Trump; BOK Center; ASM Global; Or any of their associates, directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors or volunteers shall be liable for any illness or injury. "

Trump, who has spent the past few months in the White House, has had to cover up his presidential campaign, growing embarrassed to get back on the road.

A visit to Texas on Thursday showed that the policy was insignificant political danger - its renewed activity was accompanied by widespread disease and death, and that there was no vaccine or treatment for the disease on the horizon.

He traveled to Dallas for a round table discussion with religious elders, law enforcement officials, and businessmen, then personally fundraised for his election campaign to curb the spread of the virus to many parts of the country.

When he opened the round table, Houston-area officials announced that they were preparing to reopen the hospital, but never used it at the NRG Stadium south of the city. Officials said they were going "close" to re-enforcing the stay orders.

Harris County, which covers Houston and the surrounding suburbs, is known as the Public Health Risk Assessment, which alerts residents if the situation deteriorates or improves. This level is the second-highest in the four-tiered state, said County Executive Judge Lena Hidalgo.

"We are getting closer to disaster victims," ​​Hidalgo said. This is not at hand right now. The good news is that it is out of hand. Serious. "

Republican Greg Abbott, a Republican who greeted Trump on Thursday in Dallas, was one of the most aggressive state leaders to ease coronavirus sanctions.

Virus cases in Texas rose 2.3 percent to 81,583, a 2.2 percent increase over the seven-day average, according to the state Department of Health data released Thursday. Mortality increased 1.9% to 1,920, the largest daily increase of the week.

The hospital declined for the first time since June 6, falling 6.7% to 2,008. The number of patients has increased greatly since the onset of the epidemic.

There are concerns among public health experts that new cases are rapidly appearing in many other states, and the onset of second-generation viruses, which are thought to be the cause of many declines. Arizona recently reported an increase in new infections.

However, the president is moving forward with travel plans and he returns to the role he has written: political campaigner. After moving to Texas, he would go to his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey. He said more rallies would be held in Tulsa.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Trump was "returning to the campaign trail, trying to ignore the reality."

"Although he has forgotten about Kovid-19, Kovid-19 has not forgotten about us. In more than 20 states, the level of new infections continues to rise," Biden said in a statement Thursday night.

The Trump campaign's coronavirus debt relief efforts in the US Senate allow employers to choose from government safety guidelines to choose from lawsuits if their clients or workers are infected.

Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn said in an interview this week that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is calling for a "red line" to be debated next month in order to negotiate with Democrats on the next big fiscal stimulus bill.

According to New York University law professor Catherine Shirkey, judges are wary of a "widespread liability waiver" and do not generally apply them when it comes to injuries from gross negligence or negligence.

"The court found that a large public rally could be held, where attendees were not required to wear a face mask or follow social eviction guidelines for gross negligence or negligence."

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