The Trump rally is in conflict with Tulsa

Downtown Tulsa Saturday was packed with Trump supporters and civil rights activists as Oklahoma City prepares to hold President Trump's first reunion rally against a country with deadly coronavirus outbreaks and racism and police violence in months. 

Trump is keen to get back on the campaign trail, he warned, with warnings from public health experts that collecting tens of thousands of people in the indoor arena will help spread the virus, which has already claimed 120,000 American lives. There

The presidential campaign served to create a carnival-like atmosphere for the rally, entertaining supporters on several stages, many of whom had already been camping for days. Trump will be speaking to the overflow crowd outside at 4pm. PT before heading inside the BOK Center for the main event at 5pm.

In an interview with news website Axios, Trump promised "a wild night," but Floyd murdered a black man last month, when many nationwide protests provoked a white Minneapolis police officer, George, who many feared would cause racial tension.

Tulsa was the site of a caste crisis in 1921, and leaders of the black community stamped out Trump's visit as a gentle provocation, especially on the anniversary of the end of slavery on the weekend of Zunete.

Tikebrain "Tye" Cheshire conducted Hate Against Hate on Saturday evening and said it expects more than a thousand people based on the Facebook RSVP. The rally is being held in the outskirts of the city without clashes with Trump supporters.

"We've got it to keep it peaceful and free of tension," said Cheshire, who heard from police that there were white supremacist groups in the city, including followers of the Ku Klux Klan, Proud Boys and Boogies. In protest.

Many black people fear there may be violence between Trump supporters and protesters outside the rally. “Hopefully they will want to hear their person today and they are not targeting us,” said Cheshire, adding that organizers are planning a way to quickly exit the park when trouble arises.

Trump is seen as untouchable and powerful, with the possibility of anarchy on the streets, and this scenario raises his call for "peacebuilding."

"Understand any performer, anarchist, agitator, extortionist, or lobbyist who goes to Oklahoma. You don't even act like you're in New York, Seattle or Minneapolis," Trump tweeted Friday. "It's going to be a very different scene!"

Tulsa City has around 100,000 people around the BOK Center, which has about 20,000 people, city officials said. The mayor of Tulsa originally ordered a curfew for the area, but reversed his decision after speaking with the president.

People gathered at the entrance of the arena Saturday morning, along with neighboring Creek County Treasurer Dan Creek.

"We're really excited," Angle said in a queue near the gate with his wife, where they waited for days. "I don't think there's any conflict. They chose us because we were the best. When we reopened, that's why we got this honor - that's the problem. It's the honor."

Oklahoma was one of the first states to reopen in April and is still open because COVID-19 cases have increased significantly in recent weeks.

It has been more than three months since Trump's final rally, and the president has, without a hitch, cooperated in the form of limited travel and public meetings at the White House.

He is returning to the campaign trail after a series of setbacks in recent weeks, including the Supreme Court ruling pending his administration's policies and the release of his former national security adviser John Bolton's betting book.

On Friday, Trump joined the new controversy. General William Burr has announced the resignation of U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Burman of the New York Southern District, who is leading the investigation into Trump aides. Burman said he would not step down until the Senate approved a permanent replacement, which would create a stalemate in the Justice Department.

Coronavirus cases are on the rise again in many parts of the country, deaths are likely to rise once again and millions of people will return to workout lockdowns.

Former Clear Vice President and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, Trump scored nearly 9 percentage points in surveys compiled by Real Clear Politics.

“My campaign hasn't started yet. It starts Saturday night in Oklahoma! "Trump tweeted Friday.

Local public health officials have urged Trump to cancel the rally, which creates a confluence of risk factors for fighting the disease - for a while and for people at home and close to each other.

Tulsa Health Department Executive Director Bruce Dart said, "I know a lot of people are more than COVID, but COVID is not over."

The Trump campaign promised to distribute hand sanitizers and masks to those attending the rally, as well as check their temperature before entering the field.

But social disturbances are likely to prove impossible, and Trump supporters have echoed the president by addressing concerns about the virus and refusing to wear masks.

Those attending the presidential campaign signed a pledge not to sue if they were sick with the incident.

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