The UN resolution calls for indefinite weapons on Iran

Diplomats said the US had shared a draft resolution with members of the United Nations Security Council that would extend arms to Iran indefinitely.

According to a text copy obtained by Bloomberg News, at least 30 days before the 2015 nuclear deal with the ban on arms transactions with Iran in October, the US draft passed to all countries "direct or indirect supply, sale or transfer" and a Security Council committee from the Islamic Republic.

Russia and China on Monday said the two veto-fielding members of the council had already received support from Embargo for not supporting the embargo as they sought to unilaterally withdraw from the nuclear deal with President Donald.

Diplomats expect a confrontation with the council over the next few months, as the US threatens to implement a "snapback" clause in the 2015 agreement that, if it does not, will return to all UN sanctions against Tehran. Reverses

Diplomats said the Security Council will begin talks on the proposal Wednesday. Earlier this month, US Ambassador Kelly Kraft told reporters that the proposal had already been shared with close friends and Russia and that the word would be broadcast to the rest of the council shortly.

In a recent report, UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutierrez said the missile and drones used in several attacks on Saudi Arabia originated in Iran. Framework "These attacks raise serious concerns about global energy supplies, freedom of navigation in the region, the safety of people working in the energy and maritime sector, and the risks to the environment."

"The spread of such attacks and weapons by Iran and related goods is a threat to international peace and security," it said.

Iran has "undoubtedly" rejected the UN's findings, saying in a statement earlier this month that the secretariat "lacks the capability, expertise, and knowledge to conduct such sophisticated and sensitive investigations."

The arms withdrawal theoretically allows Iran to move forward with the acquisition of conventional weapons from Russia and China. Iran has modernized its military by purchasing sophisticated weapons systems that have not been achieved for decades, including warplanes and major war tanks, the Pentagon warned in November.

The matter brings political excitement for Trump by the end of October, weeks before the US presidential election.

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