This Siri app can unlock the secret powers of your iPhone. The 10 Best Shortcuts and How They Work

If you don't spend much time on Siri shortcuts on your iPhone, you're not alone. But I can change your mind. Apple’s shortcut apps automate the simple and simple things you do regularly. For example, you can play music, don't disturb, read your messages, and then create a shortcut routine that tells you a joke - all of which can be triggered by saying something like, "Hey, Siri, Good Morning."

In addition to valuable personal shortcuts, there are also more generalized shortcuts that we can all use to save time. From checking the price list of Amazon listings to start recording Siri videos. If you are dragged down, the ability of the shortcut app is unlimited. We will update this post periodically with new shortcuts and information.

The first step is to install shortcuts from the App Store for iOS 12 or later on your phone or iPad (this should be made on iOS 13 and later devices), and then add it to the Today View widget by swiping on it. IPhone. Click the Add widget on the right side of the home screen and at the bottom of the screen. Finally, click on the green plus button next to the shortcut.

A quick word about the 'incredible' shortcut
As soon as you start using the shortcut app and find shortcuts created by other users, you will have trouble adding third-party creations to your app. By default, your iPhone will block "untrusted shortcuts" - meaning shared shortcuts outside of Apple's own gallery app. The reason shortcuts are complex, can connect to various services and request access to your personal information.

You should be vigilant to add shortcuts created by other users, go through every action and make sure that it only does what it promotes. I have personally installed and tested hundreds of shortcuts and haven't tried anything yet, it tries to do something malicious - but it's always worth checking out.

Before adding any inventive shortcuts, you must go to Settings> Shortcuts and turn on the option labeled Unlimited Shortcuts.

If it is enabled, you are not prevented from viewing any shortcuts, but you will be reminded of this before adding one to your app, which comes from a third party, adding an unused shortcut. Is. If you see that button, take a few minutes and observe what the app does. Not only does this help keep your information secure, but it also gives you ideas for creating your own shortcuts.

That way, let's look at 10 shortcuts that are definitely useful to you.

. Siri, I'm pulling
This shortcut has been around for over a year now, but it has reappeared during the Black Lives Matter protests in the last few weeks. After setting the shortcut, you can simply say "I'm pulling" and your iPhone sends your current location to a designated friend or family member and automatically starts recording from the front camera on your phone.

2. Spellmaker for anything

Self-correction is fine, but it doesn't catch and replace every mistake we make. See? You can copy or share any block of text from another app for a check spelling shortcut, it checks for spelling errors and displays you with the correct text block, and then activates the share screen so that you can copy or share new text with another app.

3. Check Amazon Price History to get the best deals.
CamelCamelCamel is a convenient website that tracks the price history of items listed and sold on Amazon. Using this shortcut, you can speed up the process of viewing the item page on a tracking website and receive alerts when the price falls to your specified price. When viewing an item on the Amazon site or Amazon app, click on the share button, and then select CmlCmlCml from the list of available shortcuts.

4. Do not disturb the timer for the brake

Turn off your iPhone for a fixed period of time using the Don't Disturb Timer. Without shortcuts, you have to enter the DNDs setting and make adjustments. With the shortcut, though, how long you can enter and the rest will take care of you.

You can implement this shortcut by adding Siri to its utility and saying "Do not disturb the timer". You can name something like "Set to a Disturb Timer" if you feel more natural.

5. Low battery? Run this shortcut
If you emphasize battery life, this third-party shortcut shared on Reddit uses your current battery percentage, compare to your predefined settings, and squeezes out the last few minutes of your battery to power your device. Tailor the functionality of.

Run this shortcut directly in the shortcut app or through the Today View widget.

6. Make a GIF with your camera

The Shoot GIF shortcut opens the Camera app, ready to take a set number of photos (four by default). Once the final photo is taken, you combine them into an animated image that you can save or share.

Use the Siri or Today View widget to start this shortcut.

7. Create a PDF from almost anything

With a few taps, you can convert any document or webpage to PDF, you can save or share it using the PDF shortcut.

After adding a shortcut to your app, use the app's share screen (called a share sheet) and select Create PDF.

8. Unzip and save

You can get things that don't always work by using Apple's Files app to unpack the zip file. If you have trouble getting the files to open the zip folder and are allowed to view and edit the files in it, try this shortcut.

Select the file and send it to the shortcut app using the share button.

9. Extend a short URL for security

Short links can be used in malicious ways to hide the actual destination of the URL. If you suspect a small link like should not take you anywhere else, use the extended URL shortcut to find its exact destination.

Start the shortcut by copying the URL through the View widget today. When running the shortcut, paste the extended URL into the Safari or Notes app.

10 Steps to Shortcut Your Game with Automation

There are three tabs under the shortcut app: My Shortcuts, Automation and Gallery. So far, everything I've covered can be found in the gallery or in your shortcut, after adding a shortcut to the app.

The Automation tab means you can unlock shortcuts on the time of day, your location, or even when you finish an exercise using triggers.

But perhaps my favorite automation trigger is the NFC tag. When I step into my home office, I can scan an NFC tag on my desk, which starts playing my favorite playlist on my homepod to my Apple Music account.

The ability to scan NFC tags has been added in iOS 13.1 and works only on iPhone XS or newer. You also need a packet of NFC tags or stickers. I bought these NFC tags and most NFC tags should work fine.

Once you have the NFC tag in hand, open the shortcut app and select the Automation tab. Select Personal Automation> NFC, and then scan and name the tag you are using for automation. Next, tap on the Add action, and then look at the various system actions with applications that support NFC triggers. I was surprised by the number of apps I installed on them, one of which allows me to scan the tag to open the trunk of my car.

Apple currently has no way to share automation, such as shortcuts, but this process is easy to understand and takes only a few seconds to complete. Determining what kind of automation you need is the hardest part.

I recommend going to Apple's Gallery section of Apple's shortcut section and tweaking it to personalize how you can implement your shortcuts by adding useful ones.

After mastering the shortcut app, check out all the features we still love in iOS 13. It includes a healthy dose of hidden features and some settings that you need to change to make your iPhone work for you.

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