Trespasser got a 3-year ban on Billy Elish

Billy Elish has been given a three-year extension on a man who tortured his home in Los Angeles.

Superior Court Judge Diana Gold-Saltman was first sentenced May 11 by 18-year-old Ilesh. The Trespasser "Ocean Eyes" singer of Primal Russo, 24, of Farmersville, is prohibited from consulting with her parents or within 100 yards.

Elish, her lawyer, and her parents phoned for the trial, placed in an empty courtroom, except for a reporter from the Associated Press and court staff due to strict coronavirus restrictions. Everyone, including the judge, wore face masks.

This order prohibits the assault or harassment of the Russo family or their access to Elish workplaces.

Neither Russo nor any lawyer appeared for him at trial. Messages seeking comment from potential relatives were not immediately returned to him.

Elish heard the call and did not speak. When the judge asked if she would like to join the order, both her parents answered yes.

Elish, in court documents, said Russo was "undesirable" until he was arrested for torturing Gone because he shared a home with his parents seven times on May 4 and 5.

Her lawyer, Marc D. Three years after the hearing, Gould-Saltman decided that Pasin had asked the judge for a five-year ban, but that Rusev had made no attempt to contact the Irish or his family outside those two days.

The judge emphasized that she was not trying to mitigate the threat, but that the orders could be amended and extended if necessary.

In his first appearance at home, Russo doorbell rang and asked Elish's father if he was living there by a surveillance camera, and was later told that the mistake was in the house.

When he returned that evening, the family called his personal security service.

"While we were waiting for security, Mr. Russo sat on our porch and sat down and started reading a book, while also engaging in periodic monologue," Illish said in court documents. "My father repeatedly asked him to leave, but he refused."

Documents say Russo was frightened by Ilish and his family for not wearing a face mask during five shows at home, and repeatedly touching Doorbell and Dockernob without gloves.

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