Trump has ordered a freeze on multiple work visas by the end of the year

President Donald Trump signed an order Monday that suspended several employment-based visas and forced millions to work in the United States. The technology industry said the move would hurt the economy.

The order frees up new H1-B and H-4 visas, including technology workers and their families, as well as study-abroad programs, including L visas for intracompany transfers and many J visas for work and pair work. Year.

The issuance of new green cards will also be discontinued until the end of the year.

Some H2-B visas will also be issued to seasonal workers in the move, a senior administration official told reporters on Monday, an exception for those in the food processing industry.

Twitter Inc. and Inc. Called "short-sighted", the colonial technological effort claimed to be helping the American economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Alphabet Inc chief executive Sundar Pichai said on Twitter that he was disappointed and "we want to stand with all immigrants and expand the opportunity for everyone."

Trump has faced a 13.3% unemployment rate in the US after businesses closed or declined in response to the outbreak of the virus. Presidential orders do not affect migrant workers who already have visas.

Trump, in his decree, stated that "in the exceptional circumstances of the economic contraction arising from the spread of the Covid-19, some non-immigrant visa programs authorize employment that poses an extraordinary threat to the employment of American workers."

In an interview with Fox News on Saturday, Trump said that if Americans wanted to find employment, people would be granted visas.

"We have a lot of people looking for jobs," he told Fox. "I think it makes a lot of people very happy." And this is common sense. "

Trump tweeted with the severity of the coronavirus pandemic saying he plans to "suspend immigration to America." Industry groups such as the Chamber of Commerce of America and the Information Technology Industry Council have written to Trump, expressing concern that sanctions would disrupt trade and disrupt business.

The US issued more than 900,000 visas to freeze Trump's plans in fiscal year 2019.

H-1B Criticism

Over the years, the administration has moved to tighten the H-1B program and reduced approval rates for applications. The technology industry relies on H-1B visas, specifically to hire foreign talent in the fields of science and engineering. Critics say some companies have abused the program to displace American workers.

Three-quarters of H-1B visas go to people who work in the technology industry, although the exact level varies from year to year. According to the Foreign Office, the number of non-immigrant visas issued in 2019 declined from 10.9 million in 2015 to 8.7 million in the fourth year in a row.

Business group CompTIA, which represents large tech companies such as Amazon and Google's parent company Alphabet Inc., said the move would pose a lasting blow to the economy.

“Making it more difficult for bright minds to work in the US not only benefits our competitors abroad, they attract their talent to create and develop cutting-edge, job-generating goods and services,” Public Holiday. Said CompTIA Executive Vice President for Cinnamon Rogers. .

The Trump administration's lobbying group, which represents several large tech companies, insisted that the hundreds of H-1B holders in the US already involved in the Kovid-19 pandemic were positive. There is a risk of falling into an illegal state.

The Trump administration's lobbying group, which represents several large tech companies, insisted that the hundreds of H-1B holders in the US already involved in the Kovid-19 pandemic were positive. There is a risk of falling into an illegal state.

Greenspoon Murder's immigration partner Nandini Nair said the new order will have a profound impact on American companies, particularly those in the tech sector. Each H-1B visa applicant says it took thousands of dollars to do the paperwork.

“He spent all this money and planned his budget and workforce capabilities on these visas,” Nair said.

This order not only limits the ability of companies to recruit talent from abroad but also affects their current foreign employees who are waiting for the authorization of their visas. When an H-1B visa is granted to individuals, they must go to a consulate outside the US to activate it, usually in their home country.

Many activists were unable to travel from the closed borders of the coronavirus epidemic worldwide. “Many of these activists are now inmates in the U.S. because their passports do not have a valid visa stamp - if they leave, they will not be returned,” Nair said.

However, Frogomen Worldwide Immigration lawyer James Pack, who provides consulting for tech businesses, said the executive order has a limited impact on US companies because it only applies to first-time H-1B applicants in the country. There is no impact on those already working for organizations within the pack.

The current cap for those visas is 85,000 annually. H-4 visas are issued to family members of H-1B visas.

The H-1-B program will be restructured to prioritize migrants with the highest wage offers after the program begins next year, a senior administration official said. Under such changes, entry-level workers from colleges are less likely to get visas because the spots go to those with more master's degrees or doctorates, while those with higher earnings, such as trading, algorithms, and IT, work in those areas, Shannon said. Morgan Lewis Partner and Immigration Attorney Danley.

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