Trump praised the law enforcement response in Minneapolis, saying the event in Dallas was too easy

President Trump praised the use of tear gas and other force to disperse the Minneapolis protesters, calling it a "scenic spectacle" and describing the actions of the National Guard as "knife-cutting butter."

"I will never forget that. You saw that scene on the street ... They were in a row. Man, they drove straight. Yes, there was some tear gas and maybe a few other things," Trump said at the round table of policing and running. I have commented. "And the people dispersed and they left. By the end of the evening, and it was a short evening, everything was fine."

The Trump incident in the White House on Thursday afternoon at a conservative, evangelical, and predominantly white church in Dallas has yet to announce any new measures to protest protests against racial injustice that may have been holding the country since the assassination of George Floyd. By a police officer.

Trump did not mention Floyd's name in his comments, but pointed out that Bigtree and the work of partisanship "go quickly and go smoothly."

"But we do not heal any progress or injury by unjustly labeling millions of civilized Americans as racists or fools," the president said.

He has been critical of protests in cities across the United States, including Minneapolis, where Floyd was assassinated. The governor of Minnesota activated his National Guard after three nights of protests and violent riots; On Thursday, he supported a comprehensive police reform package.

In response to the national backlash against police vandalism and America's systemic racism, Democrats unveiled extensive police reform legislation, and the Senate's only black Republican, Tim Scott (S.C), has announced proposals in his room.

Trump has taken some steps to respond to the national demand for action. At the Round Table Conference, they said they were "working on an executive order," urging the country's police department to comply with current professional standards for coercion, including a strategy for coercion. "

He defended police officers and called on them to "defame", saying people want to get out of law enforcement. Many lawyers use the term to re-establish the police budget for social services, including housing and education.

"We have to respect our police. We have to take care of our police. They protect us and they do a great job if they are allowed to do their job," Trump said. "And you always have a bad apple. Wherever you go, you have bad apples and there aren't many of them."

In the last 24 hours, Trump's more concrete actions have targeted his political base rather than the multinational country he ruled.

This includes openly rejecting the idea of ​​renamed military bases, whose names honor union military personnel - an idea that is under scrutiny at the Pentagon - and "ugly anarchists" protesting in Seattle as a federal response.

Trump issued a statement Wednesday focusing on his self-proclaimed credibility as President of the Campaign Law and Order, urging Biden to heavily support Floyd's death.

“Antifa is destroying our communities. Riots. Looting. And Joe Biden Kneeling, ”narrator, charged with images of violent protests, with footage of Biden kneeling in a church in Willington, Del.

Biden, who hosted an event Thursday in Philadelphia on economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis, issued a statement ahead of Trump's trip to Dallas to question the president's intentions.

The former vice president said, "We have seen President Trump flee from a meaningful conversation on systemic racism and police brutality." "Instead, it divided our country. Today's trip to Texas has not changed any of them. President Trump is more interested in the photo than in providing a healing voice for our nation."

On this incident, Biden criticized Trump for planning a campaign rally in Tulsa, the venue for the genocide of 1921, one of the worst episodes of racial violence in American history. Trump's rally was to take place on June 19, 1865, during a holiday, when General Gordon Granger of Texas read an order to free all slaves.

"He's heading to Texas. Who's Zunette right?" Biden said Trump was heading to Tulsa. "Black Wall Street's first big acrobat speaks, years ago. And he's going to rally, rally. And he's not wearing a mask ... I mean."

Trump's senior campaign adviser, Katrina Pearson, said Biden "completely closed his lines" and "didn't know what he was talking about."

“As a Lincoln party, Republicans are proud to have represented Zunithan as Trump’s tremendous victory for the president and for black Americans,” he said.

Following Thursday's roundtable, Trump is scheduled to attend a high-dollar fundraiser in a private residence in the city of Bedminster, N.J.

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