Trump said that the US was moving some troops from Germany to Poland after the Duda meeting

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that the US plans to host Polish leader AndrDudaku at the White House to move some soldiers from Germany to Poland four days before the election.

"We're going to reduce our military base in Germany from 52,000 to 25,000 soldiers," Trump said after the Oval Office meeting with his popular ally, Duda.

"Some come home, others go elsewhere," Trump said. "Poland will become one of the other places."

Duda called it a "very fair decision" and said he told Trump not to withdraw US troops from Europe because "the security of Europe is important to me."

Asked what kind of message Russia is sending, Trump said: "I think it sends a very strong signal."

Duda met with Trump in Poland four days before Trump's decision to run for a second term, criticizing his opponents during the election as an attempt to win the election.

Trump is trying to prove that he is fed up with the admiration for Durga - a coronavirus pandemic that has hurt his own reelection chances.

Trump's first meeting with a foreign leader since the Kovid-19 pandemic in March killed more than 121,000 people.

"President Duda is doing very well in Poland," Trump said after the third Oval Office meeting between the two. "He's doing a very good job."

Responding to timing critics, Trump said: "The people of Poland will think of him."

"I don't think he needs my help," Trump said.


Prior to the trip, the Polish side's main goal was to increase U.S. military aid - a frequent demand for Warsaw, especially since Russia seized Crimea in 2014.

Trump gave no statistics on how many American troops would be transferred from Germany to Poland.

He often accused Germany of not paying its fair share of the NATO defense budget.

According to Polish newspaper Dezanik Gazeta Pravin, 30 US F-16 fighter jets stationed in Germany can be transported to Poland with 2 thousand soldiers.

In 1997 NATO pledged Russia not to establish permanent settlements in the former Eastern Bloc.

Despite rising tensions, the coalition has been pushing troops cross border countries.

Although American forces were eliminated in both of these situations, Polish officials raised the prospect of a more permanent American presence - perhaps paid for by a facility called "Fort Trump" by Warsaw.

German Defense Minister Anegret Kramp-Karenbauer agreed to an agreement with Russia in an interview with the Atlantic Council on Wednesday.

“If for example, American troops were to be brought to Poland in Europe, it would have to focus on the Nato-Russia agreement,” she said. "We shouldn't lose focus at this point."

Right-wing Duda, backed by the ruling law and the Justice Party, is the current frontrunner in the polls in Poland - but Europhile opposition candidate Rafael Trezakovsky is running the election.

Trump is once again facing a tough election war and fighting the election as he addresses the Covid-19 epidemic for racial justice and nationwide protests.

The New York Times / Siena College poll, published Wednesday, ranks 14 points ahead of registered voters with his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Marci Kaptur, a Democrat from Ohio who is co-chairing the congressional Poland Caucus, condemned the decision to host Duda this time.

In a statement, Kapoor said, "As a Polish-American and deeply valued US-Poland relationship, I look forward to President Trump's involvement in Polish domestic politics and his visit to the White House with President Duda. Through unwarranted efforts to promote reunification."

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