Trump says he will 'arrest' those who destroy or destroy monuments

He said the move would take effect immediately.

President Donald Trump said he authorized the federal government to "arrest anyone" who would destroy or destroy any monument, statue, or other federal property in America.

Trump writes that the offense also carries a 10-year prison sentence.

"This action takes effect immediately but can be used for pre-existing destruction or destruction. There will be no umption!" He wrote on Twitter Tuesday morning.

His remarks were against police brutality and systemic racism, which demanded the removal of statues and other monuments of historical figures in connection with racism or slavery.

In a recent example, protesters tried to pull the memorial of Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, in a park near the White House on Monday evening.

The police eventually intervened, but the protesters still climbed up the statue and tied the ropes around Jackson and his horse, trying to unload it from its base, known as the "killer".

Trump cited "other appropriate laws" to enforce the Veterans Memorial Preservation or arrests.

A section of the law states that a person who injures or destroys a veteran's monuments - or who tries to do so - must be fined and / or jailed for more than 10 years.

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