Trump tries to explain his slow and unsteady movement on the ramp at West Point

Bridgewater, NJ-President Trump tried to explain his slow walk to the ramp walk at the American Military Academy in West Point on Saturday afternoon, causing concern and humor on social media, saying the walkway was "too slippery" and worried about falling.

The walk-in question came at the end of Saturday's early practice session at West Point, where Trump was a guest speaker. When he entered the ramp as Academy Superintendent Lieutenant General Daryl A. Williams stepped off a high platform, Trump was visibly tentative and took small, cautious steps.

A video of the moment was widely shared on social media, with the president - Republican activists working on the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump group whose statements provoked the president's anger - in his tweet. #TrumpINotWell is used.

At 10:57 am, Chatterjee seemed to be paying attention to Trump spending the weekend at his golf club in Bedminster. On Saturday, the president wrote on Twitter, "The ramp I landed after my West Point commissioning speech was very long and steep, without any obstacles and, most importantly, very slippery. The last news I could do was enjoy Fake News. ! "

The elements of the Trump description set aside credibility. Trump said the weather was different from the "very slippery" weather that occurred Saturday at West Point, N.Y. It was sunny and clean. The grass that started the farm was dry.

In addition, Trump ran "down" to the last stretch of the ramp. The video footage of the episode shows the president increasing his speed slightly in the final two stages, but is not considered a run or jog by any standard definition.

Once on the flat ground, Trump surveyed the grounds and walked out with officers for Marine One, walking 100 yards from the podium, seemingly running out.
The ramp video from Trump's speech isn't the only clip that gets more attention on social media. Another was when he was standing behind a presidential speech and taking a sip of water. When Trump lifted a small glass of water with his right hand to the side of his mouth, he used his left hand to stabilize the bottom of the glass so they could take a sip.

Trump sees the unpredictability - and some advisers - as strong and powerful as the image he presents to the public.

Trump, who is celebrating his 74th birthday on Sunday, has long been trying to impress himself with supernatural endurance. He tried to do it with his 2016 Democratic rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and again with his 2020 2020 Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Trump regularly calls Biden "sleepy Joe" and argues that the 77-year-old Biden has no physical or mental acumen to become president. Trump's critics replayed the video clip in a Twitter clip of Biden Jogging in a parade way, colonizing the White House with then-President Barack Obama, and clapping at the ramp walk on Saturday.

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