Turkey allows top lawyers to end the deadlock

ANKARA, Turkey Turkish authorities on Tuesday allowed a group of top lawyers to continue the symbolic march in Ankara's capital, following a 24-hour standoff between prosecutors and police.

Leaders of 60 regional bar associations in Turkey traveled to Ankara in Ankara to protest the government's plans to amend legislation regulating lawyers and bar associations, and the way unions have elected leaders.

Advocates say the changes are aimed at reducing the association of the Bar Association, many of which have openly criticized the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Police blocked a team on the highway at the entrance to Ankara on Monday, saying the parade was unauthorized and violated measures due to a coronavirus pandemic.

There was an altercation between the police and lawyers, followed by dharna in the night and heavy rain.

Prosecutors said police lifted barricades Tuesday to walk 300 meters (yards) into the city. The group was allowed to board the buses taken to the grave of Mustafa Kemal Atatర్క్rk, where they honored the founder of the Republic of Turkey.

Turkish authorities often prohibit protests on security or other grounds and urge police to cancel demonstrations, even though the country's constitution lists freedom of assembly as a fundamental right.

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