US top prosecutor Jeffrey Burman, who led an investigation into Trump's aides, said he was not resigning after the Justice Department transferred him

The US prosecutor who led the investigation into Donald Trump's aides said he was in office despite the Justice Department telling the media that he was stepping down.

U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Burman of the Southern District of New York said he first heard the news through a Justice Department press release.

And he said in a statement on Twitter, “I have not resigned and have no intention of resigning ... I will quit when the nominee Senate confirms the presidential nomination.

“Until then, our investigation will continue without delay or interruption.

"I work with the men and women in this office every day to do justice without fear or favor - and I want to make sure that the important things of this office remain vigilant."

Among Mr. Trump's associates, the lawyer, including former President Michael Cohen, has been jailed for violating court finance and campaign finance regulations.

He is also investigating Mr. New York's former mayor, Mr. Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has criticized the sudden move to oust Mr. Burman. He said on Twitter: 'The corruption of the judicial process was dismissed late on Friday night.

Is President Trump angry? Is this a U.S. attorney's previous action or what's happening? "

US Attorney General William Burr gave no reason for Mr. Coleman's decision to ax.

He said in a statement from the Justice Department: “Geek and prudent, Geoff has done an amazing job, one of the most important U.S. Attorney’s offices in our country, resulting in civil and criminal cases huh.

"I appreciate his service to the Justice Department and our country and wish him well in the future."

Jay Clayton, chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, accepted the nomination for the role of Mr. Trump, currently under consideration by the Senate.

Former presidential adviser John Bolton has accused Trump of quitting an investigation into the Turkish bank in an attempt to reach a deal with the president of Turkey.

Mr Burman is also examining the relationship between sex offenders Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew, and is accused of investigating an abusive former financier for trying to portray himself as "interested and open to being" Duke. Criticized.

Prince Andrew's legal team said in a statement: "The Duke of York has offered his help as a DOJ (Department of Justice) witness on at least three occasions this year.

“Unfortunately, the DOJ has responded to the first two proposals in violation of its own privacy rules, saying that Duke has made zero cooperation.

"In doing so, they seek publicity rather than accept help."

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