Zoom stops accounts of Chinese dissenters

Zoom has discontinued the account used to hold a meeting between pro-democracy activists and Chinese dissidents in commemoration of the Tiananmen Square acumen.

The suspension targeted US-based Humanitarian China, followed by a call from about 250 people, including number dialing from China.

The organization is being led by student leader Zhou Fengshui during a protest against political reform in the country, which ended on June 4, 1989, with brutal military strikes.

The event was organized with families of the deceased to share their stories and remember the deceased.

Zoom does not protect its video calls with end-to-end encryption, available in China without a VPN.

The company said: “Like any global company, we must comply with applicable laws in the courts we serve.

"When meeting in different countries, participants in those countries must follow their local laws."

Zoom did not specify that Cal was suspected of violating those laws.

The humanist China account was later revived.

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