Charlize Theron: The Old Guard helped me get over my worry of horses

Charlize Theron: The Old Guard helped me get over my worry of horses

Charlize Theron overcame her concern of horses whilst taking pictures 'The Old Guard'.

The 44-year-old actor located making the motion movie "therapeutic" due to the fact she had to get into the saddle and handle her concerns that matters may want to without difficulty go, "terribly wrong" via dealing with her phobia head on.

She informed OK! Magazine: "I constantly had this concern when I used to be on them that something ought to go terribly incorrect at any instant. Therefore, it was once like a metaphor for my lifestyles in a bizarre way, this movie. It used to be therapeutic for me."

The film additionally required Charlize to endure full-size weapons training, and although the preparations had been tough, she loved the challenge.

She said, "I skilled 5 days a week for about 4 months earlier than shooting.

"I did a combination of power conditioning and fight training. A lot of it worried an axe-like weapon I use in the movie I've in no way performed any weapons education pretty like this.

"It used to be virtually hard - however simply well worth it."

The Oscar-winning famous person seems contrary Kiki Lane in the film and thinks it is "embarrassing" there are nevertheless so few films with a couple of robust woman leads.

She said, "Unfortunately, we're nonetheless residing and working in a location the place it's on occasion very difficult to find... It's embarrassing that in my nearly 30 years of doing this; I have not had that many possibilities to do that."

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