Depp’s former PA says it was ‘herd abuse’

Depp’s Former PA Says It Was ‘Herd Abuse’

Her former personal aide claimed that Amberhard had "abused" her relationship with Johnny Depp.

Stephen Dieters told the London High Court that Mr. Hurd, 34, and 57-year-old Mr. Depp had been "abused for years".

Mr. Depp Sun is suing the newspaper publisher for an article referring to him as "Wife Beater" - but Surya says it's accurate.

He has denied 14 domestic violence allegations on which Newsgroup newspapers rely on his defense.

Infinity Nihil, the European president of Mr. Depp's production company, said he had worked for the American actor since 2004.

In her written witness statement, she stated that she had seen Mrs. Herd on several occasions. At this point, there was an affair with Mr. Depp.

"At no point did Ms Hurd mention any physical abuse and I never saw Ms. Hurd inflicted any injuries," he said.

Mr Dyers said he was "very shocked and upset" when it was revealed that Ms. Hurd had filed for a temporary restraining order in 2016.

"I knew Mrs. Heard was a drug addict and I was afraid she would behave this way."

Mr Dieters said the couple traveled from Boston to Los Angeles in May 2014 during an incident.

Mr Depp told Mr Depp that he was "talking aggressively" and that he had "nothing to do with the abuse he was receiving".

Mr Dieters said he "could not hear the subtleties" because he had headphones, but "could see his pesticide".

He said the actor "made a playful attempt to knock her to the ground" and she did not believe Mr. Depp was having an affair with her.

"Mrs. Heard committed a major crime at the harmless gesture and raised Mr. Depp's abuse in a very disgusting way," he said.

Mr Deperson said he and Mr Depp's former personal security guard had decided to intervene and that Mr Depp had spent the rest of the flight in the bathroom.

"It's a common theme at times when Mr. Depp is abused by Miss Hurd - he distances himself from the situation, often stays in the bathroom and shuts himself up in a way that hurts him," he said.

Mr. Deperson said the next day of the flight, Mr. Depp was asked to say "Miss herd" and "do whatever it takes to try and evacuate."

"Given Mrs. Herd's very unstable nature, I thought it would be best to try to connect with her and apologize for her accusation; so use the word 'kick' for me Gaya, this is the word for my loved ones. I used it myself," he said.

"As I make clear, Mr. Depp did not kill Mrs. Hurd."

In March 2015, Mr. Deppers talked about the couple's trip to Australia, during which Mr. Depp attacked Mrs. Herd and completely destroyed a house in the drink.

Mr. Depp alleged that Mr. Hurd threw his finger at the vodka bottle.

Mr. Dieters, the next day after the alleged incident, told Mr. Depp, along with two other people, that "Mr. Heard was injured when he threw the bottle that hit his hand."

On Monday, the fifth day of evidence in the defamation case, Mr. Depp said Ms. Hurd's allegations were "shown in the mirror" that he had abused her.

He alleges that Ms. Hurd threw a "haymaker" punch at her after learning that she had lost $ 650 million ($ 14,514 million) in a row after her 30th birthday party at a "bad" business meeting.

Mr. Depp told the High Court he did not intend to headbutt Mr. Herd in a heated row at his Los Angeles penthouse.

He told her that his ex-wife had "locked her hands" to prevent him from attacking her and that she was not violent towards him.

An article published on the Surya website revealed the case: "Gone Patty: How JK Rowling's wife Beater can do 'Happy' on Johnny Depp's New Eccentric Beast

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