Pompeii warns that Iran will become an arms dealer for Maduros and Assad if weapons expire

“If Iran is allowed to buy weapons of choice from China and Russia, more citizens of the Middle East will die at the hands of the regime and its supporters,” he said.

Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo warned on Wednesday that the Iranian regime would become an arms dealer for contempt in places like Syria and Venezuela, allowing the 13-year-old to dismantle the weapon - and many more in the middle. His arms are on the east of Tehran.

“If Iran and China are allowed to buy arms with the help of Russia, most people in the Middle East will die at the hands of the regime and its supporters,” Pompeo said at a news conference.

Pompeo: UN Iran Arms Embargo Experience

The weapon imposed on Tehran a decade ago is due to expire in October as part of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA), also known as the Iran nuclear deal.

But the US has warned that the Iranian regime's evil behavior and funding of militant leaders such as Hezbollah could be devastating to the region and elsewhere - and beneficiary of Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro and Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

"Tehran [Nicholas] will become an arms dealer to Madras and [Bashar], Israel's enemies Assad, Hamas and Hezbollah are good weapons, putting European countries in danger," Pompeo said.

The US broke the Iran deal in 2018 after President Trump expressed long-standing opposition to the Obama-era deal, but argued that the agreement still had the ability to use a provision that would allow a person to "come back." Iran.

Pompeii warned that if the United Nations did not vote to extend the sanctions, the US would try to "withdraw" the sanctions because it was still a part of the United Nations Resolution 2231, as a member of the Taker, which had captured Iran.


Last week, the Foreign Ministry said in 2019 that Tehran was funding terrorism at home and abroad, saying it was "carrying out terrorist attacks around the world."

"Through the [Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Quad Forces], Iran continues to support a number of US-designated terrorist groups that provide funding, training, weapons and equipment. The Al-Ashtar Brigade in Bahrain reported that "Iran provided arms and support to Shiite militant groups in Iraq, the Houthis in Yemen and the Taliban in Afghanistan."

This week, the Treasury imposed sanctions on Iran's metal sector, as well as the captains of five Iranian ships supplying gasoline to the regime of Venezuela's Maduro regime.
On Wednesday, Pompeo spoke directly to the American Security Council and asked for support to seek asylum indefinitely.

"This chamber has an option: stand for international peace and security, as the founder of the United Nations [UN] intends, or against the Islamic Republic of Iran, betraying the United Nations mission and its best ideals." “Pompeo said during a video conference that everyone pledged to keep it intact.

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