Ryder Cup has been postponed until 2021: ESPN

This year's Ryder Cup is postponed until 2021, and next year's President's Cup will also be withdrawn a year later due to the coronavirus pandemic, ESPN reported on Tuesday.

The biennial Ryder Cup, which features an American team against Europe, is scheduled for September 25-27 in the Whistling Straits of Wisconsin but will play at the same time next year.

The 2022 event in Rome will also be pushed back a year, according to an ESPN source.

The official statement is expected to be released later Wednesday, ESPN said. PGA Tour of America and PGA did not respond to a request for comment on the report.

Fans are unlikely to take part in the Ryder Cup if this year goes ahead, with several key players, including world number one Rory McIlroy, urging authorities to postpone it.

The President's Cup, a clash between the United States and international team Minus Europe, is scheduled for September 30-October. The report says there will be 3 people in the Quail Hole next year in Charlotte, North Carolina, but will be transferred in 2022.

Events are optional every year after this.

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