Spain has ordered the pulsing of 100,000 mink after several tests in favor of the coronavirus

About 100,000 mink have been cleaned on a Spanish farm since tested positive for coronavirus, health officials said.

The wife of a farmworker was infected with the virus in May after it spread to the province of Aragon, 125 miles east of Madrid. Her husband and six other farm workers tested positive for Kovid-19.

Authorities first ordered the animals to be separated. But a few weeks later, after several rounds of testing, he decided to remove the mink he had harvested for his fur.

Eighty percent of the animals tested positive.

The company will receive financial compensation, officials said.

Coronavirus has been shown to infect a wide variety of mammals, including cats and dogs.

Mink cases with Kovid-19 have been identified in Denmark and the world's largest manufacturer in the Netherlands.

Although the animals showed no symptoms, millions were killed to prevent farmers from contracting the disease.

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