WHO warns of virus crisis could get worse and worse and worse

wHO Warns Of Virus Crisis Could Get Worse And Worse And Worse

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Monday that as many countries are receding from their response to the coronavirus pandemic, it could never return to normal. If public health guidelines are not followed, the crisis will "get worse and worse and worse," said WHO chief Tedros Adnom Gerais.

Following the daily record of 230,000 new cases of COVID-19 reported to the WHO on Sunday, the U.N. The health agency said the infection would only get worse until people became physically disturbed, sticking to basic things like hand washing and wearing masks.

Tedros warns that countries that find it easier to get out of lockdown are now seeing a resurgence of the virus because they have not adopted proven methods to reduce the risk.

"I want to be straight with you: come back to the 'old routine' for the future," Tedros said in a virtual news briefing.

“Let me say it bluntly: most countries are going in the wrong direction.

"The virus ranks first among public enemies, but does not reflect the actions of most governments and the public."

He said the mixed messages of the leaders were confident.

"If governments do not formulate a comprehensive strategy to control the spread of the virus, and the population does not adhere to basic public health principles," there is only one way out of this epidemic, "he said.

"It's getting worse and worse."

Since the outbreak in China last December, the novel coronavirus has killed 570,000 people and infected more than 12.9 million, according to official sources compiled by the news agency AFP.

“Although the number of daily deaths is relatively stable, there is cause for concern,” Tedros said.

It is said that there are four scenes around the world.

They are Alert countries and large spread preventers who have been found to control large outbreaks, which have eased restrictions, but are now receding and are in the rapid transmission phase.

Tedros said the center of the virus was the US.

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