According to Reuters, the number of coronavirus cases worldwide has exceeded 25 million

According to a Reuters report, the number of cases of coronavirus worldwide rose to nearly 25 million on Sunday, as India set a new world record for new cases of the Covid 19 epidemic on a daily basis.

According to Reuters, the number of coronavirus cases worldwide has exceeded 25 million

Statistics showed steady global growth when the epicenter of the disease changed again, with India taking over the United States and Latin America.

On Sunday, 78,761 new coronavirus infections in India exceeded the one-day increase of 77,299 days reported in mid-July. As a result of the increase in the South Asian country, the global burden increased by 25,074,751.

Globally, official coronavirus figures are at least five times higher than the number of severe influenza cases recorded each year, according to the World Health Organization.

Worldwide, there have been more than 840,000 deaths, which are considered’ a lagging sign of the virus's two-week incubation period. It has exceeded the upper limit of 290,000 to 650,000 annual influenza-related deaths.

According to the news agency, the world's second most populous country, the United States and Brazil, are in the third position, but since August 7, there has been a consistent mood in both new cases on a daily basis.

Despite the rising number of cases, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is urging the country's 1.3 billion people to return to normalcy in March to ease the economic pain of the epidemic by imposing a strict initial lockdown.

The government announced on Saturday that it would reopen the underground train network for millions of people in New Delhi's capital and restrict sports and religious ceremonies from next month.

Latin America is the most infected region in the world, although some countries in the region are beginning to show a slight reduction in infections.

In the United States, measurements on new cases, deaths, hospital admissions and test pass rates are declining, but there are emerging hotspots in the Midwest.

The global pace of new infections is somewhat stable. It took about three weeks for this case load to go from 5 million to 25 million. It added 5 million cases to 20 million, 15 million and 10 million numbers, compared to 19, 24 and 39 days, respectively.

The rate of new daily occurrences has dropped to 1.2% so far in August. It was 1.7% in July, 1.8% in June, 2.1% in May, 4.6% in April and 7.7% in March.

Health experts stress that official figures underestimate both infections and deaths, especially in countries with limited testing capacity.

Although the rate of COVID-19 is still much lower than that of the Spanish flu of 1918, which affected an estimated 500 million people and killed at least 10% of patients, experts fear that the available data is contagious. Showing the real effects of the disease.


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