Bald Eagle in UP attacks 50 950$ drones in the state and sends bottom them to Lake Michigan

ESCANABA, MI - Tongue-cheek described as a "brass attack" after a bald eagle recently hijacked a 50,950 drone in the state of Michigan for damaging coastal erosion on the upper peninsula. This document has been’ sent. 

Bald Eagle in UP attacks 50 950$ drones in the state and sends bottom them to Lake Michigan

 After a brief collision, a large bird removed one of the propellers from a small spinning plane and sent it down Lake Michigan near Eskanaba, state workers said.

The pilot was piloting Michigan Department of the Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) during the July 21 attack. Is the section coincidental when considering carnivores? The state thinks no.

"The attack could be an electronic enemy or a spatial squid with a hungry eagle." Or do not like to mispronounce its name. The department said in a news release. "Eagle's drone team is considering measures to reduce the chances of another attack, using G 'skins' or other designs on the aircraft to make them look like seagulls."

Here is what we know about airstrikes:

EGLE Quality Analyst and drone pilot Hunter King is on his fourth mapping run with the drone, capturing images of coastal erosion, so the State Agency can document that recent high water levels have affected the Great Lakes. How they were affected’ and what communities they were given data’ on, need help coping with the damage.

The pilot noted that the drone was seven minutes away from its mapping plane, noting that its satellite reception was weak. He pressed the recall button of 'Go Home'. The drone converted strong satellite feedback into a drone, “the agency said.

"King was watching his video screen as a drone, when the drone landed, but suddenly it started to turn bad," he told the department, like a bad rollercoaster ride.

"When he saw it, the drone was gone, and an eagle was flying. A nearby couple ... later confirmed that they had seen something of an eagle, but were shocked to learn that it was a drone. Both the king and the couple flew off the scene without committing a crime.

The king and the couple all searched for the drone but found nothing.

Flight data show that the drone hit a lake 150 feet off the coast and landed in 4 feet of water. Employees used that information when they returned to search for a small plane.

"EGLE unmanned aircraft systems coordinator Arthur Ostaszweski brought a kayak and snorkeling gear for the search. With almost zero in the water due to the tannins, the Ostazzwesky snorkel was detached and I'm boarded my legs for two hours instead”). He accidentally left the search when lightning began to fall with a slight drizzle. "

The drone Phantom 4 Pro is advanced and needs to be replaced’ the department said.

According to drone data released by EGLE, the last moments of the sick aircraft were:

  • The Eagle Strike occurred at 7: 39.7, a quarter of a mile from the King and 162 feet above the water.
  • Its speed dropped instantly from 22 mph to 10 mph. Within 10 seconds, the flight record went down with "excessive spinning" warnings.
  • Over the next 3.5 seconds, the drone sent 27 warning notifications, indicating that a propeller had been’ shot down.
  • As soon as it fell, it's final communication came 34 feet above the water, at a speed of 30 feet per second or 20.4 mph.
  • The state says the Eagles have made good progress in Michigan in recent years. In 2019, the federal survey identified 849 active nesting sites in the upper and Lower Peninsula. This is a very large jump compared to the small number in 1970, which saw only 76 nesting sites in a few years.


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