China throws a wrench at Trump's plan to force a tik-tok cell

Zhang Yiming plan to sell his short video app, Tik Tok, to the US operations is in jeopardy to avoid Shang Down, after China's insistence on the deal was under scrutiny by the Tang administration. I fell.

China throws a wrench at Trump's plan to force a tik-tok cell

Beijing on Friday added uncertainty to thorny negotiations over the sale of valuable assets of Byte Dance Limited, including the ability to block the sale of foreign intelligence to Microsoft Super Microsoft Corporation or Oracle Corporation with strict restrictions on exports of artificial intelligence. Has been’ claimed. The Ministry of Commerce added speech and text recognition and individual recommendations to the list of products that need approval before they can be sold’ abroad.

These new areas cover many of the technologies used to make TechTalk a viral teen sensation from the United States to India. According to a person familiar with the matter, the company now needs the government to sign any agreement, although that does not mean a clear ban. Another person familiar with the matter said that Tik-Tok was dissolving the new rules and that he thought it would make it harder to secure the agreement.

For China, the move helps take advantage of what the state-run media have called "theft" and draws attention to the United States, which is able to protect its intellectual property. It also raises the possibility of a deal, and then Trump will go ahead and ban tick-tock before the November election, depriving millions of teens of any updates to the app, even though they still have the current version. May be able to use.

"AI is a core technology and is one of the key areas that China wants to lead," said Rebecca Fanon, founder of Silicon Dragon Ventures. Tech can be seen’ as a growing part of the Cold War. "

Unknown individuals beyond China's vague rules and regulations have already been implicated’ in a critical process involving several corporations, agencies and the federal court, from Donald Trump's executive order banning tech talk. It is implemented’ before the November elections. Xiaokang Jiang, GSC Potomac's commercial lawyer and managing partner, said it could take up to 30 days for Byte dance to get the green light to export AI.

Beijing's involvement, which has condemned the Trump administration's ban on Tik Tok and Tencent Holdings Limited's VChat, is throwing water into the water as US corporations and investors hammer out an agreement through the Trump administration's deadline. Tried to insert. Microsoft and Oracle have submitted competitive bids to acquire Tuck Talk’s US business, while Center case Asset Management Limited and Trailer Inc. on Friday made a last-minute purchase of TikTok operations in several countries for 20 billion. Knitting the pitch, according to the person familiar with the matter.

"We are watching the US sanctions on China on a daily basis. We cannot expect any response from China," said Wang Huao, an adviser to China's cabinet and founder of the Center for China and Globalization.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Monday again criticized the US government's actions.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Xiao Lijian said in a daily briefing in Beijing, "We oppose the misuse of national security concepts and the misuse of state power by the United States to suppress certain businesses in other countries." "Economic bullying and political maneuvering, whether politically coercive or government-imposed, is no different from looting."

Beijing's new technology restrictions reflect US sanctions against a large number of Chinese companies selling software or circuitry to Chinese companies. In addition to stating this in any imminent agreement, the seemingly innocent changes provide another bargaining chip in the US-China tech Cold War.

Kendra Schaefer, head of digital research, said: "Over the past five months, Beijing's response to Washington has been prepared for large-scale retaliation, but without increasing tensions, Beijing has sought to equate itself with the United States. It has been carefully disclosed’ to keep on. “Consultative Trivia in Beijing. “This move is no exception: it could give Beijing a more equal footing so that the Americans cannot make unilateral decisions, but it is not necessary for Beijing to move forward with this agreement."

Byte Dennis Washington - Beijing has joined several Chinese companies at the center of tensions. Trump has accused the company's app of a threat to national security, echoing allegations against telecom giant Huawei Technologies that the White House has now allowed Zhang's company to operate the app in the United States and several other countries. Ordered to sell, estimated at $20 billion $50 billion


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