Herman Cain 'tweeted' two weeks after his death to attack Democrats

Herman Kane, a one-time Republican presidential nominee and aspiring Trump supporter, made the shocking revelation when his Twitter account suddenly began publishing posts on Wednesday - two weeks after Cain died of a coronavirus.

Herman Cain 'tweeted' two weeks after his death to attack Democrats

The @THEHermanCain account has been dormant since Cain signed a contract for coronavirus in June, with links to the Cain memorial service and tribute.

When it suddenly appeared, one of the first posts was an attack on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who was unveiled on Tuesday as Biden's running colleagues.

"If you think Biden's candidacy is nothing but utter madness, Team Trump has released a new video," the @THEHermanCain account tweeted after 4pm.

This post is linked’ to a Trump campaign video accusing Biden of having a "racist issue."

At 5 a.m. Thursday, Cain criticized Midigan Governor Gretchen Witmer and said Biden was also running for vice president.

This post disqualified many other Twitter users, but shortly before the account began tweeting a Trump supporter message, it also posted a tiny pin tweet from a clear post on Cain's Website Connect.

In a website ad, Cain's daughter Melania Kane Gallo said: "We have decided at Kane's headquarters here to share the information and ideas he trusts to use this platform. He visits the site frequently to talk about it. He wanted it to go ahead. "

Cain Gallo said in this post from his father's accounts that "Cain goes by the name of the gang" and chose the name Cain himself. His Twitter handle, however, has not yet changed its name.

Social media accounts of other public figures, including David Bowie, continued even after his death, but were inspired to adopt a third-person voice.

The first-person message from Cain's Twitter account clarifies whose views he is expressing. Some took issue with @THEHermanCain and only started posting after Harris became the first black woman to run on a major party ticket.

Cain died on July 30 after being ill for several weeks with coronavirus. The former chief executive of Godfather Pizza attended a Trump rally in Oklahoma on June 20, where Cain was photographed wearing a mask and did not follow social foresight guidelines.

A presidential voice supporter, Cain is co-chairman of the Black Voice for Trump and is in Tulsa hired for the Trump campaign.

She ran for the presidency in 2012 and led the election shortly after, but after leaving the race, three women accused her of sexual misconduct and a fourth woman accused of sexual harassment.

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