Justice Isa's wife asked the Prime Minister for details of income tax of others

Justice Qazi Faiz Issa's wife, Serena Issa, had on Saturday alleged that since her secret and legally secure income tax and bank records had been’ illegally accessed, she was concerned about them. They also want the same information as their details.

Justice Isa's wife asked the Prime Minister for details of income tax of others

In a statement, Ms Isa said she wanted information about people with whom she had access to classified information and documents, particularly Prime Minister Imran Khan, Law Minister Dr Forough Naseem, and Asset Recovery. Unit Chairman Mirza Shahzad Akbar, Dr Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmed and complainant Abdul Waheed Dogar.

"They should not object because they have held public office, while one of them, a government employee, has complained that me and my family are not tax compliant," he said in a statement. Is."

His statement on August 28 in response to the notice issued by the Commissioner (IR) FBR on August 21 under Section 122 (9) and Section 111 (1) (b) of the Income Tax Ordinance (ITO) 2001. Has been’ linked to.

It said that she was a private person who had never held a public office or held a public office and in the last two years, she had earned a total of Rs 980, Rs 707070 and Rs 767676, Rs 4040 as tax. What was and what was’ done.

It is said’ that the FBR wants to explain every rupee earned during the last 38 years

Earlier, it issued two similar statements in response to a notice issued by the board stating its position.

In response, he asked the FBR to submit the income tax return on which the authority depended, adding that the board wanted him to restructure his life and reimburse every penny earned through it. Explain since he started working in Karachi American School about 38 years ago. .

Highlighting Section 174 (3) of the ITO, he reminded that the ordinance does not require an individual to maintain any record for more than six years after the end of the tax year.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained’ through torture, and that his confession had been obtained’ through torture.

"Without prejudice to all my constitutional and legal rights, I do not want to give you an excuse to accuse me of not providing information," he said, adding that it was "painful" for him. But it is clear that the Federal Board of Revenue intends. Passing illegal and illegal orders because he does not want to be bound’ by the law.

He alleges that the FBR claimed that it could not justify the purchase of three properties in London and save so much - one at 23 236,000 in 2004 and two at 24 245,000 and 27 270 in 2013, respectively. In 000.

Referring to Section 116A of the Ordinance enacted by the Finance Act 2018, when it first had to file a foreign income and asset statement, it complied with the new legal requirement and filed its return and statements regarding foreign income. Get it done Assets for tax year 2018 and again tax year 2019.

But the FBR has not clarified under which section it was required to disclose foreign income and assets before the said amendment.

Similarly, the FBR ignored its agricultural income by explicitly relying on section 111 of the ITO and presenting it as unclear income.

The statement further said that the Board deliberately ignored the fact that the provision of Section 111 of the Ordinance accepts income earned from agriculture on which the income tax paid under the relevant provincial law has been deducted’ through Finance Act 2013. Was, added.

Therefore, agricultural income cannot be ignored’ regardless of whether provincial income tax was paid or the extent of such payment was limited to adjustment.

He said he owns about 27,278 acres of agricultural land, which was, managed, and operated by his late father, who died on June 25, 2020’.

He said that he was continuing to earn a decent income from his agricultural lands, spending some money on savings certificates issued by the government.


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