Nicole Kidman feels 'more secure' in her identity Nicole Kidman has felt

Nicole Kidman has felt "more secure" in her very own identification in latest years.

Nicole Kidman feels 'more secure' in her identity Nicole Kidman has felt

The 53-year-old actor - who is one of the highest-paid stars in Hollywood - has admitted she has solely lately observed her personal "emotional strength".

Nicole - who is married to song megastar Keith Urban - shared: "It is actual I've end up greater impervious in my personal identity.

"It's probable solely in the closing six or seven years that I've gone, 'Oh, OK, this is who I am, what I am and what I stand for'. I have determined my very own emotional strength, which, when I was once a kid, I truly did not suppose was once there.

"I usually concept I'd be effortlessly broken. And there have been instances in my existence when I've gone, 'I virtually do not assume I'm going to get thru this.'"

However, Nicole now believes that she is tons greater and greater "resilient" than she at the start thought.

She advised Candis magazine: "I have been down on my knees and have prayed for electricity ... And it is been top notch to me what power you can all at once discover from locations you did not even suppose you had. It turns out that I am resilient after all."

Meanwhile, Keith in the past published that Nicole has been a "huge influence" on his creativity.

The award-winning track said: "I have zero pastime in acting. Nic has zero activity in being a musician. It makes for a harmonious glide in our house.

"But there is no query that Nic has been a large have an effect on my creativity, certainly for the way she processes matters in such a daring way.

"Curiosity makes her go towards something regardless of whether or not she thinks she can do it or not."


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