Progressives Didn’t Want Harris for V.P. They’re Backing Her Anyway. Joseph R. Many activists,

Joseph R. Many activists, organizers, progressive groups and elected officials resigned from the presidency in early April in the hope that Biden Jr. would promote one of his ideological colleagues to the presidency - Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren or California Representative Karen Bass. 

Progressives Didn’t Want Harris for V.P. They’re Backing Her Anyway. Joseph R. Many activists,

Kamala Harris, a founding-friendly senator and liberal from California is at the bottom of her list.

When it was announced on Tuesday that Mr. Biden had chosen MS Harris to serve as his partner, he reiterated that many promoters had long feared his choice: about any potential Biden administration. This rule is because the former vice president has spent most of his career - the Democratic establishment is firmly rooted in politics.

But instead of revolting, many progressive activists and elected officials immediately defied his criticism declared their support, applauded the choice, and reiterated that removing President Trump from office was his election priority. Mr. Biden and other moderates are also likely to condemn those who tried to make peace on a large scale.

"At the end of the day, this is not some kind of democratic decision," said Evan Weber, political director of the Sunrise Movement, a climate advocacy group that primarily supports Mr. Saunders. "It's always a decision between the vice president and his personal people."

Larry Cohen, president of Saunders-Allied Group Our Revolution described Ms. Harris as "very capable."

"He's not Warren or the boss according to his background, but I don't think it makes sense for us to criticize reality," he said.

Ms. Harris makes public statements to emphasize how fast this moment is evolving, as Mr Trump seeks to balance their demands for change with the realization that he must unite behind Mr. Biden across the spectrum to lose. They are also discussing another political reality: Ms. Harris could be the face of the future party, and crossing them now will have consequences at the beginning of politics, not at the beginning of the week.

Unlike Mr. Biden, who has been vice president for decades after establishing himself as a Washington with driving and behavioral talent, Mrs. Harris has not been somewhat ideologically defined’. In spreading easily, some progressives hope it will allow it to enter the circle of its influence and create openings that Mr. Biden does not have.

“I don’t know if the leftists are more excited by the Harris-Biden ticket,” Wise said. "But he's been on Biden's left and he has been more accountable for moves throughout his career."

Sarah Nelson, an assistant to the Association of Flight Attendants Union and Saunders said she focused on how Ms. Harris, as California Attorney General, had helped large banks settle for a nationwide settlement.

"When I think about the moment we have, and the fact that he's one of the AGs who took over the banks during the financial crisis and stood up for the working people - I'm just hanging on to it," he said. "I'm excited about it."

While many groups and officials adhered to the party hierarchy, others spoke more cautiously in their support. Corey Bush, a progressive activist who defeated a member of the House in the Democratic primary in St. Louis earlier this month, will definitely become Congress leader, saying she was "torn" about Ms. Harris' choice.

"I'm going to tear down another woman of color," Ms. Bush said. "But as a progressive person, I have to stand by my progressive values."

Among liberals, Ms. Harris' acceptance, if reluctant, still comes as a surprise months after she lobbied more progressive rivals” to appear on the ticket.

When Ms. Biden was asked’ to be Ms. Warren's colleague, the Liberals pointed out their policy plans on issues such as student debt and their readiness to lead the country - they were central standards set by Mr. Biden. Out during his search.

Ms. Warren has publicly indicated her interest in the No. 2 job, and when Rachel Madao asked MSNBC in April if she would accept an offer from Mr. Biden, she responded with a resounding "yes." Does.

After the assassination of George Floyd in late May, after a nationwide call for racial justice, some Democrats began to put more pressure on Mr. Biden to press a black woman on the ticket and Ms. Warren's chances seemed slim. While some progressives continued to support Ms. Warren, many began to publicly pressure’ Mr. Biden to elect Ms. Bice, the head of Congress' Kali Caucasus, which has a long history of progressive policies.

Ms Boss subsequently revealed that she had spoken positively about Fidel Castro, especially from the Florida Democrats, arguing that her old posts were particularly old with memories of the Cold War. Were aggressive for the Cubans.

During the initial campaign and before Ms. Harris entered the race, the Progressive Wing as the prosecutor expressed special concern about the large donors and the contents of her record.

Ms. Bush said in her interview that she was ready to talk to Ms. Harris and have a relationship with him.

When asked if she was concerned that Ms. Harris would criticize her future Democratic counterparts in Washington, Ms. Bush rejected the idea.

She said her commitment to removing Mr. Trump from office failed to disprove her argument. "Cory is going to be Cory. My experiences are my experiences."


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