Rihanna mocks Trump with a viral video and her song ‘Needed Me’

Rihanna has some good times at Donald Trump by posting a viral video of the president and his significant other Melania, with her own track altered in.

Rihanna mocks Trump with a viral video and her song ‘Needed Me’

The clasp being referred’ to shows Donald and Melania landing Aviation based armed forces One on Sunday (16 August). The president seems to attempt to hold the primary woman's hand; anyway, she is by all accounts more worried about preventing her skirt from exploding in the breeze, disregarding his various endeavors at love.

Rihanna has imparted an adaptation of the video to her 2016 hit "Required Me" playing over the top.

The verses "I was acceptable all alone, that is how it was" can be heard as Melania will not hold her significant other's hand.

Rihanna posted the clasp with a subtitle referencing how long are left’ until the US political decision, stating: "Melania likes workmanship. #78days."

The "Wild Musings" vocalist has been dealing with her ninth studio collection throughout the previous four years.

She as of late told fans they are "not going to be frustrated" after the considerable delay. Talking about her new music, Rihanna stated, "I am continually taking a shot at music and when I am prepared to put it out in the manner that I feel fit, it's going to come out.

"You're not going to be baffled when it occurs. It will be justified, despite all the trouble."


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