Trump said Barr could be ‘greatest of all time’ if he finds Obama

Attorney General William P. Critics say Burr is President Trump's defensive defender. But on Thursday, Mr. Trump said Mr. Barr could not do enough.

Trump said Barr could be ‘greatest of all time’ if he finds Obama

In an interview with the Fox Business Network, Mr. Trump told Mr. Barr and the FBI. Director Christopher Ray needs to play a more powerful role in advancing an impartial investigation into whether the Obama administration targeted President Trump during the 2016 election.

"Bill Barr is going to be great all the time, but if he wants to be politically correct, he's going to be another guy, because he knows all the answers," Mr Trump said. Bar Said John Durham is the U.S. Attorney of Connecticut to investigate the case in May.

This is a completely trampled ground: Mr Trump has boycotted his first Attorney General Jeff sessions, largely because he was not enthusiastic enough to investigate his campaign and the relationship between Russia.

In his interview with Maria Bartiromo, Mr. Trump said he knew he had it, and that it was right for Obama, right for Biden, "that Democrats conspired with James Comedy, then the FBI director, in a coordinated attempt to" gossip "about him four years ago.

Mr Trump has indicated he does not want to hand over evidence to Mr. Ray, who he hires to replace Mr. Comedy, because he is the F.B.I's "most, most defensive". Bureaucracy.

"I want him to be more forthcoming - he certainly isn't," Trump said.

"They are the documents they want to get," he said, referring to the researchers, who want to get them. We are going to find out if he is going to deliver those documents.

Mr. Trump said, "Let's see how Ray changes. He's closing one way or another


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