Video shows a man being killed’ in the Patriot Prairie Cape during the Portland protest

When the then president shot dead a man on the right-wing Patriot Prairie hat cap in Portland after violent clashes between supporters and Black Lewis matter.

Video shows a man being killed’ in the Patriot Prairie Cape during the Portland protest

Videographer Justin Dunlap makes a live film on Saturday, the buildings agree that the coat of art is noted but at a time when he was suddenly attracted to screaming.

After that two bullets are fired’ a cloud of smoke is still appearing, this gun is only a few feet away from the target.

When about halfway down the river Chia ran away and a man ran away - falling to the ground after a few steps, the panicked driver apparently went to block only one lane.

Several people arrive to help, and rioting officers - who say he fired shots at protesters during policing.

The Associated Press freelance photographer has not heard the voices of the three men since he was a child. The freelancer said the man was referring to the Patriot, a right-wing group whose members have often clashed in Portland in the past with investigators into the incident. ۔

Police were told’ the man had yellow chest and had given a dead contract to the incident. It is not immediately recognized.

It was not immediately clear if it was linked’ to clashes that erupted in the city center with a convoy of about 600 vehicles with supporters of Trump.

Dunlap said the victim was previously a masked figure, and did not read the slogan to anyone on the video that it was a joke document, "Mother" who lived completely in the crowd and made people jump. "

"This boy has been king with people all the time," he said.

The police were still in a hurry to draw some conclusions.

A statement from the police said, "The spies understood everything before they knew it."

"This is completely unacceptable and we are working diligently to find and arrest the person or persons in custody."


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