After the IPL victory over Mumbai, Dhoni praised Chennai's 'Duds Army'

Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has praised his team's experienced players after defeating defending champions Mumbai Indians in the opening match of the Indian Premier League.

After the IPL victory over Mumbai, Dhoni praised Chennai's 'Duds Army'

South Africa's veteran Faf du Plessis scored an unbeaten 58 to give Chennai a five-wicket victory. They chased down Mumbai's 162 in Abu Dhabi as the glittering Twenty20 tournament was delayed’ by months due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Once dubbed "The Dads Army" by the media, Chennai has a number of players over the age of 35, including Dhoni, Australian Shane Watson, Du Plessis and South African Imran Tahir.

But Dhoni said that this kind of experience is always an asset for any team, the perfect side needs "the right mix of young and experienced players".

Dhoni, who retired from international cricket last month, said: "What really helps youngsters in the IPL is that ... senior cricketers from different countries (coming) and their own experience.”

"So we are happy to have senior cricketers who are part of the team."

Dhoni added that under his belt, more than 300 ODI players have developed an experience that is difficult to combine.

The Indian star said, "You need many years to play them."

"And now there is a series of three ODIs. It is a dream come true for anyone to play 300 ODIs."

Du Plessis smashed six fours in his 44-ball innings, including a 115-run partnership with 34-year-old Ambati Rayudu, who scored 71, to chase down the three-time IPL winners. Avoid the balls.

After the 22-year-old all-rounder was sent’ ahead of Dhoni in the move, England's Sam Korn scored 18 off six balls.

But Kran's beating confirmed Dhoni's confidence in him.

"This is not a job we have done," Dhoni said, referring to the batting order experience.

"At some point ... we (Ravindra) need someone like Jadeja and Sam to express themselves."

The 53-day IPL is being held’ in the United Arab Emirates this year due to fears of an outbreak of the coronavirus in India, the most widely known infection in the world.


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