As many as 300 protesters in Hong Kong protested the election delay

Hundreds of Democrats took to the streets on Sunday to mark Hong Kong's election day, where they were met’ by a heavy police presence, which fired pepper spray and killed nearly 300 people. Arrested

As many as 300 protesters in Hong Kong protested the election delay

It was the largest gathering of protesters since China enacted a national security law, a large set of anti-insurgency laws that the coalition of UN expert groups has called for. There is a danger of human rights violations.

In July, the Hong Kong government announced it was postponing the election of the Legislative Council for a year because of the dangers posed by the new outbreak of coronavirus in the city. However, the decision was met’ with sarcasm by pro-democracy figures and opposition politicians, who accused the government of using the epidemic property to delay the election, which could potentially defeat it.

The decision comes amid widespread arrests of pro-democracy figures, police raids on newsrooms, and ongoing squabbles over dissent, including a cold snap on teachers, the media, academics and politicians.

On Sunday, hundreds of people rallied against the crackdown and the delay in their democratic vote, initially gathering in Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok. Several protesters also demanded the release of 12 people detained by the Chinese Coast Guard as they tried to flee Taiwan by boat.

In response to the crowd, which included a large contingent of media, police fired pepper spray and raised warning flags. Several journalists were reportedly targeted by police and threatened with arrest’ detained or sent home, even if the journalist had press status. A video shared on social media shows officers in clean clothes dragging a man to the ground.

The Hong Kong Police Force said more than 290 people had been arrested by 9 p.m., including 270 on suspicion of illegal assembly, five in public and five for failing to identify themselves. had gone.

Police had earlier said that a woman had been arrested’ for chanting "promoting Hong Kong's independence" under the National Security Act, but this was not included in subsequent statements. Was

The detainees include Chan, Raphael Wang Ho Ming and former lawmaker Leung Kwok Hung, according to the Facebook page of Figo China, deputy convener of the Civil Human Rights Front activist group.

After widely sharing a video on social media in which a group of police officers described how a young school-age girl was dealt with and helped to thrive, the force issued a statement in which “Concerns have been raised about the participation of underage girls in prohibited groups. "

It said police had stopped and searched for some people who refused to leave, including a 12-year-old girl who had since escaped "suspiciously". He was subsequently charged’ with violating epidemics at parties.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. A large group is reportedly violating national security law. He did not say if anyone had been, arrested. Earlier on Sunday, police said 2,000 officers and water cannon vehicles would be on standby.


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