As soon as Israel banned entry to Ukraine, it asked the pilgrims to return home

An Israeli minister was hoping on Thursday that Hasidic Jews would enter Ukraine via Belarus.

As soon as Israel banned entry to Ukraine, it asked the pilgrims to return home

"Ukraine has announced that it will not allow crossing the border or entering through any small delegation. I urge my citizens to return to Israel and maintain quarantine instructions on their arrival." Minister of Higher Education and Water Zeev Elkin, who is Ukrainian. Born, said on Twitter.

Kiev has stopped pilgrims trying to reach the central Ukrainian city of Oman, in line with a ban on foreign visitors, as it increases the risk of infection.

Every Jewish New Year, thousands of Jews travel to Oman - which falls on September 18-20 this year - to visit the tomb of Rabbi Nahman, the founder of the Breslov Hasidic movement.

The believers left for Oman this year, although last month the Ukrainian and Israeli governments urged them not to travel because of the Covid 19 epidemic.

Ultra-Orthodox members of the Israeli coalition have pressured Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to enable the practice, despite objections from health officials that it has escalated from mass mobs. There is fear.

As of Wednesday, more than 2,000 disillusioned Jewish pilgrims, most of them Israelis, had gathered on the Ukraine-Belarus border in the hope that they would be allowed’ to enter.

"Despite many attempts by Israelis to enter Ukraine via Belarus or Moldova, we have received a final negative response from the Ukrainian authorities," Elkin said.


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