Belarus says UN sanctions 'harmful to everyone'

Belarus's foreign minister on Saturday warned Western nations against imposing sanctions on the country's disputed presidential election and cracking down on protesters, saying his concern was "nothing more than an attempt to spread chaos in our country." do not have."


Belarus says UN sanctions 'harmful to everyone'

"Our internal affairs, sanctions and other sanctions on Belarus will be counterproductive," Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Mackie told the UN Security Council. It's bad for everyone. "


"We urge our partners to show wisdom, patience and impartiality," he said in the first recorded address of the US Summit on Corona Virus Epidemic Online.


Mikey's speech was made’ in Belarus on August 9, just hours after a series of large-scale protests in Belarus over the re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko, which opponents say was’ rigged. The dictatorial leader further infuriated opponents this week by taking the oath of office for a new term in an unexpected and secret ceremony.


The protests are the largest and most permanent in Belarus since independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991. Mackie's comments about the international community, including that the election was "chosen by the people", could lead to more protests on Sunday. Rallies are usually the largest on Sundays, and sometimes have a crowd of 200,000.


In the first three days of the August protests, police used tear gas, food and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. Several protesters were killed’ several were injured and about 6,000 people were detained.


Amid international outrage over the crackdown, Belarusian authorities have called for legal action against top activists. Many members of the Coordinating Council, a group called for’ by the opposition to transfer power, have been arrested or forced to’ flee the country.


Last week, the US Human Rights Council passed a resolution calling for an investigation into possible human rights abuses by Lukashenko's government, with a report due later this year. آ.۔


The United States and the European Union have questioned the election and criticized police crackdowns on peaceful protesters. The European Union (EU) is considering sanctions for Belarus's top officials, but failed to agree on a deal this week and plans to continue talks next week. The United Kingdom, meanwhile, said Thursday it was working on sanctions and was in talks with the United States and Canada.


European Union Council President Charles Michel said in a video address to the General Assembly on Friday that "coercion and intimidation must be stopped" and that those responsible must be held’ accountable.


"We stand with the people of Belarus who must be free to choose their future, without any external coercion," Michelle said.


Lukashenko has called for talks with the opposition and rejected Belarus's protest as part of a Western plot to oust Russia's main sponsor and ally, Russia.


Mackie said the situation in Belarus was "really complicated", but dismissed Western complaints as "interference with allegations of religious intolerance".


"In fact, these are nothing but attempts to create chaos and anarchy in our country in order to deprive Belarus of many years of development," he said.


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