Biden condemned the riots in a new ad

On Tuesday, Democratic nominee Joe Biden's campaign released a new ad condemning riots and violence as President Trump's campaign continues Biden's presidency, which could lead to more unrest and unrest. 

Biden condemned the riots in a new ad

The Biden campaign ad, titled "Don't Be Afraid," focuses on part of Biden's Monday speech at a steel mill in Pittsburgh, in which he spoke out against the violence involved in protests across the country and He was accused’ of inciting Trump.

Portland, and, and Kenosha, Wes. on the issue of police treatment with the black community. The riots continue. Trump and his allies have accused Democrats and the media of treating the protests "mostly peaceful," despite repeated incidents of violence.

"I want to make it very clear that riots are not protests, not looting," the former vice president said at the beginning of the ad. "It's illegal, simple and easy, and they should be prosecuted."

Biden accused Trump of "violence from his own supporters to stop working as an armed militia."

"If I were president, my language would be less divisive," he said in the ad. "I would like to lower the temperature in this country, not raise it."

"This is not who we are," he added. "

Pictures of the damage caused by the demonstration are, shown.

Protests have been going on in Portland since the death of George Floyd in May, while police are in custody in Minneapolis. The protests were sometimes violent, prompting the Trump administration to send federal officials to the city in July. A man from the right-wing group was shot’ dead in the city over the weekend.

Protests have erupted in Kenosha since video footage circulated last week of police firing on a black man behind Jacob Blake at least seven times. Three people were shot’ dead, two of them dead, in Kenosha last week.

Biden's ad counters a key theme of the Republican National Convention and warns that Biden's presidency will lead to more violence in the country.

Trump's campaign targeted Biden in a statement after his Pennsylvania speech Monday, saying he did not urge Democratic officials to accept federal aid or ask the National Guard to end the unrest.

"These are left-wing rioters who support Biden, crushing Democrat-run cities that support his candidacy."

"They have repeatedly covered the corps by calling them peaceful protesters and using the excuse of violence against them. Those who are safe in Biden's United States."


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