California governor blames wildfires for climate 'emergency'

California Governor Gavin Newsom visited the state's raging wildfires on Friday and said the record-breaking wildfire weather in the western United States had put an end to all talk of climate change. Should be done’.

California governor blames wildfires for climate 'emergency'

"I'm a little tired that we have to keep discussing this issue. This climate is an infinite number of emergencies. It's a reality and it's happening. It's a perfect storm," said Newsom, 52. He was standing on a bed, in a smoky mountainous area near Orwell in Northern California.

The North Complex fire, which broke out for the first time in August, erupted this week on more than 200,000 acres (80,937 hectares), killing at least 10 people in and around Orwell and surrounding communities.

About 100 wildfires in the western state have burned a large area near the state of New Jersey, alerting evacuation of half a million people in Oregon and sending heavy smoke into three states. ۔

When reporters were asked’ to respond directly to Republican Trump's suggestions, the governor scoffed that if seasonal and local officials had worked harder to clean up the dense, dry underbrush, seasonal jungle Fire can be reduced.

Newsom said he spoke to Trump on the phone this week and the president has "strengthened his commitment" to help with firefighting and recovery efforts.

"For one second, I would not suggest that the state of California has had ideal forest management practices for more than a century," the governor said. "But that's a point. But that's not the point. The reality here is the mega-fire we're facing.


Oregon officials fear wildfires could cause widespread deaths after burning more than a million acres

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