China says US 'misuses power' by squeezing TikTok

Beijing on Monday accused the Trump administration of trying to ban tik-tok from "national power" as a federal court blocked the execution of US operations for the video app.


China says US 'misuses power' by squeezing TikTok

A U.S. government order sought to ban new downloads of the Chinese-owned app from midnight (Monday, 0400 GMT) - but Tick will be allowed to use until November 12, when all use Will be stopped.


President Donald Trump has claimed that the popular app is a threat to national security and cuts data for Beijing through his Chinese parent company Byte Dance. This allegation is strongly denied’ by these firms.


Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin called the order "bullying" and said it was "evidence of the misuse of national power to unjustly suppress other countries' businesses."


Instead, the United States should "provide a fair, equitable, free and non-discriminatory business environment for companies investing in the world and operating in the country," Wang added.


China says Trump is working to strengthen the company by giving away full ownership of a for-profit app to a US rival with 100 million US users.


But a U.S. federal court issued a temporary injunction on the order late Sunday after Tick Tick's lawyers successfully argued that it was a "punished" ban based on politics rather than real security concerns.


Details of the order are still being sealed’ by a court in Washington.


Tick ​​tock US pressure is one of the issues that is straining relations between rival powers, tech, defense, human rights and the warring seas.


U.S. tech companies have also expressed concern over the example of a ban on free Internet. And the possibility of retaliation against US companies operating in China's vast market.


Byte Dennis has begun discussing the complex transfer of ownership to Silicon Valley giant Oracle.


An interim deal that came to light last weekend will make Oracle a technology partner for TikTok, and the new company's a stakeholder is known’ as TikTok Global.


TikTok said Sunday that he would "maintain his ongoing negotiations with the government" on the plan, which has received Trump's initial approval.


But it is unclear whether Beijing will ratify the agreement, which some Americans believe is an unwarranted allocation of Chinese technology.



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