Coronavirus update: The World Health Organization has recorded more than 307,000 daily increases globally

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported a record one day of coronavirus cases worldwide, with a total increase of 307,930 in 24 hours.

Coronavirus update: The World Health Organization has recorded more than 307,000 daily increases globally

The number of domestic travelers arriving in Wuhan has returned to epidemic levels as China has been closed’ for more than a month without registering a transfer case locally.

Meanwhile, cases are on the rise in Indonesia, Austria and the Czech Republic, where infections have been on the rise for the past four days.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported a record one day of coronavirus cases worldwide

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Sunday reported a record one-day increase in global corona virus cases, bringing the total to 307,930 in 24 hours.

The highest increase was in India, the United States and Brazil, while the death toll rose by 5,537 to 917,417.

Both the United States and India have reported more than one new death, and Brazil has reported 874 deaths in the past 24 hours.

The previous WHO record for new cases was 306,857 on September 6.

The agency reported a record 12,430 deaths on April 17.


Domestic flights return to normal at the center of the outbreak
Officials say domestic air travel in Wuhan, the epicenter of the global coronavirus outbreak, has returned to epidemic proportions.

The virus was first detected’ in Wuhan late last year and the city was locked’ down for 76 days as its hospitals struggled to cope with a wave of cases involving fields to handle so much flow. Hospitals needed to be built’ faster.

According to the operator of Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, since its reopening in early April, life has gradually returned to normal and the number of domestic flights serving the city, as well as the number of passengers, have both completely increased. Are fine

It said 64,700 passengers were evacuated’ on 500 domestic flights on Friday.

Airports are finally preparing to resume international passenger flights to places such as Seoul, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, Koi Xiaoni, the official state-run Xinhua news agency quoted an airport correspondent as saying.

International cargo routes have already opened.

It's been almost a month since a new case of local transmission was registered’ in China, and on Sunday the National Health Commission reported only 10 new cases - all imported.

The commission said 151 people were being treated in hospitals for covetous 19 and 357 were in isolation after testing positive for the disease without showing any symptoms.

A total of 85,184 cases of COVID-19 have been reported’ in China, including 4,634 deaths.


For the sixth day in a row, more than 3,000 new infections have been reported’ in Indonesia
More than 3,000 new cases have been reported’ in Indonesia for the sixth day in a row, as the capital of Southeast Asia's most populous country prepares to lift restrictions on social distances.

The number of new infections rose to 3,636 on Sunday, with 73 deaths. The total number of infections was 218,382 and the death toll was 8,723.

To prevent the spread of the virus in Jakarta, employees of businesses deemed unnecessary will be required to work from home on Monday.

Some government workers will be allowed’ to work from offices.

Markets and shopping malls will be allowed’ to remain open at half capacity, and restaurants inside shopping centers will be allowed’ to operate only for takeaways.

The ban will apply for two weeks, but can be’ extended.

# Austria

A second wave emerged in Austria
The Austrian leader said his country was suffering from a second wave of infection.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced on Friday that the Austrian government would introduce measures such as mandatory masks in stores to prevent the spread of new infections.

Austria recorded 859 new infections on Friday, the highest daily number since the end of March.

Mr. Kurz said the developments in Vienna were "particularly dramatic", with nearly half the new cases in the city.

He said Austria would soon deal with 1,000 new cases a day.

He called on Austria to reduce social ties, wear masks and "make its distance possible".

He predicted "severe autumn and winter," but insisted that things return to normal next summer.

# Israel

Israel will enter a nationwide lockdown during the addition of Covid-19
Israel will enter a three-week nationwide lockdown starting on Friday to curb the spread of the corona virus following the second wave of new cases.

During lockouts during the Jewish High Holiday season, Israelis have to live 500 meters from their homes, but they can travel to places that will allow them to work on a limited basis.

Schools and shopping malls will be closed’ but supermarkets and pharmacies will remain open.

Indoor gatherings are limited to 10 people, and groups of 20 outside

As the economy reopened, daily infections jumped to close to 4,000 last week.

On Saturday, 2,715 new cases were’ reported. The epidemic has killed 1,108 people.

Record infection increases in the Czech Republic
Coronavirus infections are on the rise in the Czech Republic, reaching a record high on the fourth day of this week.

The daily increase in new cases reached 1,541 on Saturday, a record high for the country, the health ministry said.

Health Minister Adam Vojtech said no one expected such an increase.

There have been a total of 35,401 incidents in the Czech Republic, including 453 deaths.


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