Emotional roller coaster: Ashwin's wincing pain, Pant's stubbornness, Jordan no problem

The sound of Ashwin's pain and the trembling cry of satisfaction

Emotional roller coaster: Ashwin's wincing pain, Pant's stubbornness, Jordan no problem

A magic game where he took two wickets. The game hurt his spin and he kept crying. Awaiting medical examination, but fearing that the DC bowler might have slipped off his shoulder as he fell, he was trying to stop the ball, which was moving a long distance to his right. He almost grabbed her left shoulder and went into severe pain. And by the time the physio landed, Ashwin was in tears. Dean Jones believes he could be out of action for at least a month in a bad situation. Today he took three overs.

What a difference he made in the first five balls against his old team Kings XI Punjab. His position as captain with the team last year was not pleasant and he made his first delivery when he added Kroon Nair to strong top aging in Swat. The classic Ashwin moment came on the fifth ball. It was the ball that released him as if he was circling the tip of the door, slipping it with his thumb and index finger, and straightening the ball stacked from the angle of the goal stump. Left-hander Nicholas Pran has a reputation for being good against spin, but he was unaware of this, was pushed off the line, played for a spin, and lost his stump.

Now, Ashwin was up against his old rival Glenn Maxwell. The two have been going together for some years. We don't know if it's the scent of a fight against an old opponent who signaled him to run after a ball that was too far away or was adrenaline after taking just two wickets but he turned it around. ۔ There is no way to stop a very innocent diver from the ball. As soon as he fell, a crack appeared in his shoulder. Veteran physio Patrick Farhat, who worked with the Indian team for years until the last World Cup, took a look’ at the injury and immediately. He decided that getting his man out was the best thing he could do.

There was a tenderness in that exciting moment. As the tears welled up, Coach Ricky Ponting walked to stop his hair. Ponting should be considered a moment of reflection.

For months, the tragic Ashwin of cricket has been talking about the game on Twitter and YouTube. He has spoken to cricketers from performance analysts about various complex aspects of the game and even posed some tough questions to Ponting about his views on marketing. With just six balls in the tournament, five of them gave him unshakable joy, his dream was in danger of turning into a nightmare.

The enmity of Rishabh Pant

It is not that Rashab Pant does not want to learn but he is a man who believes that he does not need to change his game. Adolescent IPL expert Ravi Bishnoi will clearly not mind Pant's reluctance. Bishnoi kept trying to move the ball by slipping it with his left hand. Bishnoi was seen’ hurting Rashid Khan in his own way and the paint just painted. Heave and Miss Pant will then tell their partner that this is Google. Of course, it was; It's not like he changed his shot because he tried to use anti-spin slogans again. Not once did he try to go with the turn. Eventually, a googly came close to the inside of the slogan and fell on the stumps, screaming in surprise at the young man for taking his first wicket on the big stage.

The end of Chris Jordan

How badly can the game of cricket change for you? Don't tweet this question to Chris Jordan. He returned in 30 runs at the hands of Marcus Stevens and Co In the last over which pushed the capitals of Delhi close to 150, in total, which was hardly possible in a single phase. Are the cricketing gods still with him? No, the poor thing was surprised. The umpire was thought’ to have scored a short run in the 19th over, forcing his team to make a valuable run, although the run again showed that he was on the batting line. He faced the last ball to chase. He needed just one run and Stones actually played his first big leg by tossing on his legs but his nightmare was’ denied. He made it a straight score.


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