Fuel cell energy stocks fall by only 17%

What happened?

Fuel cell energy stocks fall by only 17%

Shares of alternative energy pioneer Fuel Cell Energy (Nasdaq: FCEL) were in a free fall on Thursday morning, slipping 17% to 11:45 a.m. after a sell-off was reported.

Analysts had predicted that the hydrogen fuel cell company would lose 6 0.06 per share in its third quarter of fiscal year 2020 at 166 million, ending July 31. The loss was 7 0.07 per share.

So what

Worse still, even the "defeat" of the product was a kind of bad move. In Q3 of fiscal year 2019, Fuel Sales sold 22 22.7 million. So in the last quarter, it raised .7 18.7 million, which in fact represents an 18% year-over-year decline.

And that's actually good news, relatively speaking, because the fuel cell did the worst of the $15.3 million bottom loss - almost three times what it lost a year ago. The only reason for the decline in loss per share from 18 0.18 to $ 0.07 was that Fuel Cell has temporarily reduced its shareholders, resulting in almost 50% more shares this year than last. Are left

Oh, and the first tax operating loss increased 10 times to $ 10.8 million.

Now what

Encouraging on the results, CEO Jason Few said he was "delighted with our progress towards achieving our goal of empowering a world empowered with clean energy." But clearly, investors were not so greedy.

And based on those numbers, I can't really blame them.

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