If the Americans lose the vote, Trump will refuse to promise a transfer of power

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday refused to guarantee that if he loses the November election, he will challenge his Democratic challenger Joe Biden and even his own party to come to power. Will move

If the Americans lose the vote, Trump will refuse to promise a transfer of power

"Well, we have to see what happens," Trump, said at a White House press conference when asked if he adhered to the basic tenets of democratic governance in the United States in terms of peaceful transfer of power. Change of President.

Biden, who has a strong lead over Republicans in the polls ahead of the Nov. 3 vote, expressed distrust.

"What country are we in?" The former vice president said this when asked by reporters about Trump's comments.

"Look, he says very irrational things. I don't know what to say."

Republican Senator Mitt Romney, who criticizes Trump's numerous but rare party, added that any hesitation in guaranteeing a basic constitution is unimaginable and unacceptable.

He tweeted, "The basic premise of democracy is the peaceful transfer of power without which Belarus exists."

- 'Get rid of the ballot' -

Trump followed his remarks - unusual in modern times for an American president.

"You know, I've been complaining about the belt, and the belt is a disaster," he said, referring to the increasing use of mail in the belt, apparently due to coronavirus epidemics.

Trump often claims that the ballots are being rigged’ and that he is being encouraged by Democrats to rig the election.

However, there is no evidence that ballots sent through the Postal Service have ever led to significant fraud in the US election.

At the press conference, Trump, apparently expecting a large number of ballots sent by letter, kept announcing that he would remain in power under such circumstances.

"Get rid of the ballot and you have to be very peaceful - there will be no clear transition. There will be continuity," he said.

Trump's recent insistence that free and fair presidential elections cannot take place is because, under pressure, he is pushing for a new, right-leaning justice in the Supreme Court.

Trump is set to be nominated’ on Saturday as a replacement for the late Liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died last week.

His Republican Party, which won a majority in the Senate, is expected’ to confirm the nominee immediately.

If he succeeds, the new justice court will likely support conservatives for years to come.

Democrats are crying foul, saying the process should wait until the election results come out, allowing the winner to form the Supreme Court.

Trump and Republicans have raised a series of lawsuits challenging the use of the mail in the ballot, with election results considered more likely.

On Wednesday, Trump said he thinks the election will "end in the Supreme Court."


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