In a letter to China, UN experts announced the decision on Hong Kong's security law

U.S. human rights experts have described China as a "new security law" for Hong Kong, calling it a "new violation of fundamental rights" and raising concerns about legal action against political activists in the former British colony. It can be used’ for

In a letter to China, UN experts announced the decision on Hong Kong's security law

In a rare joint letter on Friday, 48 hours after it was sent’ to the Chinese government, they also said that the provisions of the new law appear to be undermining the freedom and freedom of expression of Hong Kong judges and lawyers.

The "open letter" reflects a detailed legal analysis of the national security law enacted in Hong Kong on June 30, which was criticized’ by the United States even before it was adopted.

Under the law, China could face up to life in prison for any kind of sabotage, separatism, terrorism or collusion with foreign forces. Officials in Beijing and the Financial Center say the law is necessary to ensure Hong Kong's stability and prosperity.

Critics say the legislation further diminishes the extensive freedoms promised to Hong Kong on its return to the Chinese government in 1997 under the "One Country, Two Systems" agreement.

The 14-page letter, published on the US Office of Human Rights, was sent’ by the US Special Representative for the Protection of Human Rights in the Fight against Terrorism, Fionella Ni Owen, and six other US experts.

Independent experts say the law's actions do not meet China's legal obligations under international law, and they have expressed concern that the legislation lacks "clarity on important issues, and (some)." Is a violation of fundamental rights. "

He said the law should not be used’ to restrict or restrict protected fundamental freedoms, including the right to opinion, expression and peaceful assembly.

The group also expressed concern that "many legitimate activities" of human rights defenders in Hong Kong would be, illegally praised.

Experts urge China to explain how it intends to enforce the "extra-territorial jurisdiction" in the new law, so that a key agreement on civil and political rights signed by Beijing can be, reached. Ensure implementation of international agreements.

Protests in Hong Kong last year suggested that the Communist Party-ruled Beijing was tightening its grip on independence, which officials have denied.

They began with a peaceful march against the evacuation bill, which allowed extradition to mainland China, but clashes between police and protesters escalated into violence in the coming months.

Experts say China should appoint a "completely independent reviewer" to monitor compliance with the law on international human rights obligations.


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