In the midst of further wildfires in the dark, about 200,000 California

PG&E Corporation cut off power to about 195,000 people across Northern California amid intense heat, dry weather and a second round of strong winds. Blaze still erupted, triggering evacuations and burning thousands of acres.

In the midst of further wildfires in the dark, about 200,000 California

As temperatures soared to more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius) on Sunday, PG&E - the utility's giant temple that went bankrupt last year - was seon fire by its explosive equipment. Was, which started a shutdown by the end of which parts of 16 counties will be out of power. Monday. The National Weather Service has warned that the risk of wildfires in the region will continue to rise late Saturday evening and continue until Monday.

"The combination of wind, low humidity and hot weather will result in severe fires," the weather service said. Temperatures in some parts of Southern California were forecast’ to reach 105 degrees Celsius on Thursday.

This is the latest setback for the state, which has been hit’ hard this year by climate change and the resulting severe weather. Last month, a scorching heat wave triggered the first power outage in California since the 2001 energy crisis - and just three weeks later. This year, more than 8,000 forest fires in the state have burned a record 3.7 million acres, smoldering cities, killing at least 26 people and destroying more than 7,000 structures.

In Napa County, a glass fire broke out Sunday morning and erupted uncontrollably, burning at least 2,500 acres. In Shasta County, the Zoo Fire burned 7,000 acres. Both signaled evacuation.

Butt County also ordered the immediate evacuation of some communities on Sunday due to the ongoing fire in the North Complex.

Utilities in the western United States are increasingly cutting off electricity before hurricanes to reduce the chances of their live wires burning. In Southern California, investigators are looking at a power line owned by Edison International's Southern California Edison as part of an investigation into a mountain fire near Los Angeles.

San Diego Gas & Electric of Sampra Energy said Sunday that the expected arrival of Santa Ana winds would cause power outages for 700 consumers in the mountainous areas of San Diego County.

The latest round of PG&E will affect approximately 65,000 California homes and businesses, or approximately 195,000 people based on the average California household. The first cuts began early Sunday. PG&E said in the briefing that the second phase was planned’ at the end of the night. The company said all customers should regain power by the end of the day on Monday.

The closure is much smaller in scope than previous ones. Earlier this month, PG&E cut off power to about 172,000 homes and businesses - or about 51,516,000 - in California due to strong winds. PG&E went bankrupt in July after settling 25 25.5 billion in wildfire claims.

California's wildfire season traditionally runs from September to November. But in recent years it has become longer and less predictable, with Blaise arriving in late December.


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