In Pittsburgh, Trump teased Black Lives protesters: 'Thug!'

After a video went viral this week, President Trump on Tuesday taunted a group of protesters who were seen’ eating out at a Pittsburgh restaurant.

In Pittsburgh, Trump teased Black Lives protesters: 'Thug!'

"BLM protesters are harassing elderly Pittsburgh diners, pulling them out of their plates while eating and scaring them with loud sarcasm. These are anarchists, not protesters, Biden voters, but they have no control. And there's nothing to say. I've never seen anything so humiliating. "Thugs," Trump tweeted Tuesday morning.

Trump also claimed that "because of the weak and pathetic Democratic leadership, these thefts are happening in other Democratic-administered cities and states" and that the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris (D) won't even talk. This. "

Biden's campaign has repeatedly condemned the violence during nationwide protests against widespread police reform and calls for racial justice. The protesters in the footage do not mention Biden.

Trump has consistently attacked Biden over protests and unrest, saying the former vice president accuses police of violence rather than protesters.

The video of some protesters shouting at a Pittsburgh dinner went viral over the weekend. Restaurant customers can be seen’ leaving their tables in the footage.

In one video, protesters are seen’ leaving a group of protesters and drinking from a consumer. Another protester shouted at a diner over a megaphone.

Grace Harvey, a Facebook user who shared footage of the incident, said: "We saw protesters being rude, harassing and physically ruthless people just passing by or enjoying a meal in silence."

I was enjoying a late meal at the outdoor table in Pittsburgh yesterday when a "peaceful" demonstration took place, although...

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, protesters drank from angry people; Nick Kraft said the video did not show other people telling protesters the "importance of blue lives." Kraft said a man at the restaurant criticized the protesters, and the woman with whom he had offered Kraft brought beer and discussed the situation.

Kraft told the store, "So, I'm a theater, Drake type person, I said I don't have time to wait for you to order another beer; I'll take one from you. “Craft told the store. Other protesters also called for peaceful protests.

Police in Pittsburgh are reviewing footage and information about Saturday's protests, police spokeswoman Cara Cruz confirmed to The Post-Gazette.


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