Italy voted to reduce the size of parliament

Italy has voted to reduce the size of the country's parliament by more than a third, according to exit polls.

Italy voted to reduce the size of parliament

According to a projection by the state broadcaster, more than 67% of people voted in favor of the change.

The number of MPs in the lower house will be reduced’ from 634 to 400. The Senate will also be’ reduced.

The referendum was pushed forward by the Five Star Movement, part of a coalition government that said it would cut costs.

The move, which reduces the total number of MPs and senators from 945 to 600, was already pushed’ through parliament.

But he needed to support the referendum because he had amended the constitution. Changes will have to be made’ before the 2023 elections.

Five-star senior Foreign Minister Luigi Di Mayo called the result "historic."

"We can go back to the general parliament with less concessions and 345 fewer seats," he said.

Last October, Five Star said that smoothing out parliament would save the country 1 1 billion (9 918 million) in 10 years.

However, critics say the move would weaken democracy.

The referendum was held’ with very few regional elections.

Right-wing opposition leader Matthew Salvini said he was planning a clean sweep, but his party wanted to take advantage of the area east of Marquez. He was in charge of the other two areas.

The center-left Democratic Party has occupied three areas already ruled, including Tuscany.


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