'it's a shame.' Trump reported 200,000 deaths in COVID-19

President Donald Trump on Tuesday made the first, comment on the country's most important milestone in the fight against the coronavirus, calling it a shame and lamenting the loss of 200,000 Americans who have died from the disease?

'it's a shame.' Trump reported 200,000 deaths in COVID-19

"It's a terrible thing," Trump told reporters on the White House's South Lawn as he left for a meeting in Pennsylvania. "It should never have happened."

"It's a shame," he added.

But later, while addressing a rally on the Pennsylvania battlefield, Trump mocked his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, for wearing a facemask - recommended by his own administration. He said his administration has done "A-Plus work". Global epidemic.

During the 90-minute remarks, Trump did not mention the number of deaths from the virus but instead accused China of allowing the epidemic to spread, promising that the vaccine would soon be widely available to Americans. Will be He criticized the social distance measures are taken by state officials as demanded by his own public health experts.

"You can't meet. You can't get together. You can't see each other." They began to say. "You can't give your wife ... Good night kiss, you have to wear a mask. You have nothing."

As the nation moved to another dark level, Trump looked at earlier predictions that if the death toll in the United States reached close to 200,000, it would indicate that his administration had "a lot." Well done. " ۔ "

"And so, if we can stop it, like we're saying, 100,000 - that's a terrible number - maybe even less, but up to 100,000. So we have 100- and 200,000." ۔ " "In the meantime - we've all done a great job together," Trump, said at the White House on March 30.

Addressing those earlier estimates, Trump said in the White House on Tuesday that "if you do it right, the actual the number will be closer to 200,000, if you do a good job and if people support it." Of. “And if you don't fix it, you'll be fine. “Two million, two and a half million."

In a brief follow-up with reporters on South Lawn, Trump asked a questioner to take off his mask. When asked why he didn't say the death toll, Trump rebuked him: "Go ahead. Is there anyone else?"

Trance's visit came amid two more political events related to the earthquake: the death of Republican President Ruth Bader Ginsburg last week and the first presidential debate with Biden since then to fill the void. The numbers are part of Trump's plan to move on. , Scheduled for Tuesday, September 29th.

Trump summed up the debate on the rally stage, saying Biden had "been doing this all his life" and added, "I've just started doing it."

Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016 with just over 44,000 votes. The poll shows Biden with a slim margin: an average of 4 points in real electoral politics in the recent election. Addressing an outdoor rally at Pittsburgh International Airport, Trump was making his fourth visit to the main battlefield this month.

Biden said the trip should serve as a reminder of the current economic situation under Trump's presidency.

"Four years ago, candidate Donald Trump promised hardworking Pittsburgh people that he would bring jobs back to the region," Biden said in a statement. "But since then, President Trump has only brought the Pittsburgh economic crisis to his attention."

The president has tried to paint a picture of normalcy from his meetings, but he has criticized local public health officials.

Since the end of August, Trump has stepped up his campaign after formally accepting the GOP's nomination at 10 other rallies and other events. Most of these events have taken place abroad, although the recent swing in the Southwest has been criticized’ for holding some indoor events.

In these cases, his supporters rarely walk the social distance or wear masks.

Trump has been at odds with members of his administration in recent days over a vaccine timeline. Trump has said that every American will have access to one vaccine by April, but health officials have noted that no vaccine has been approved’ yet, and CDC officials predict that next season. The vaccine will not be widely available in the summer or until the fall.

"The fact that we are nowhere near that number shows that there is evidence that immediate action has been taken against the president," Kelly McKinney was quoted’ as saying earlier in the day. More than 2 million viruses can be’ killed.


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